Vertical Accent: Climbers and how best to use them

Flowering Jasmine  - one of the best loved scented climbers
Flowering Jasmine – one of the best loved scented climbers

Climbers are the original vertical garden. They create a wall of green in a most space-efficient manner and generally don’t require much maintenance. Climbers will happily grow against fences and walls, along trellises, over buildings as well as enhancing other supporting plants and trees. They will disguise boundaries and embellish hedges. With a little structural help (such as from a pergola), more showy climbers such as Wisteria Sinensis or Clematis Dark Eyes create a stunning garden focal point. From a garden design perspective, whatever structure they climb, climbing plants will add an extra dimension of verdant height as they grow. This will have the effect of drawing the eye upwards to new (and possibly previously unexploited) horizons.

Climbing Over Structures
Climbers can be extremely useful at disguising ugly brickwork, sheds or garages. In fact, climbers will conceal most structures one might find in the garden be they manmade or natural. Evergreen climbers are best for this use, creating a canopy of foliage without too much fuss. We suggest the variegated ivy Hedera Algeriensis Gloire de Marengo for structures that are best hidden from view or simply softened to please the eye.
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Clematis Dark Eyes, a decorative climber
Clematis Dark Eyes, a decorative climber

Climbers as a Focal Point
The more showy climbers such as climbing roses and clematis with their eye-catching flowers can be reserved for use as a focal point in the garden. This works particularly well where the garden does not have an existing canopy of large vertical trees. Cost effectively, arches and pergolas can be used to create frameworks for a green vertical focal point in the garden as well as providing nice leafy spots of shade. Among the more showy or decorative climbers in our collection are Clematis Dark Eyes and Clematis Fukuzono. Both of these stunning clematis plants are flowering now and should continue until well into September.

Clematis Fukuzono
Clematis Fukuzono – in flower now

Seating areas in the garden can be magically enhanced by using a backdrop of scented climbers such as jasmine. We suggest the heavenly scented Trachelospermum Jasminoides Star of Toscana Selbra with its gorgeous yellow blooms.
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If you have a do have mature trees in your garden, don’t forget that climbers will merrily scramble up tree trunks, adding a most attractive floral dimension. For example, this Rosa Banksiae Alba (just getting started, planted earlier this year) on a 200 year old London Plane tree.

Rosa Banksiae Alba
Climbing Rose – Rosa Banksiae Alba

Most climbers prefer to have their roots in shade, such as in the cool, protected environment beneath trees and shrubs. Use a cane or bamboo to train young climbers in the intended direction. If you do need a climber for shade, we highly recommend Hydrangea Petiolaris which will thrive even on a North facing wall.

Extra Mature Clear Stem Evergreen Trees – Cherry Laurel

Extra Mature Clear Stem Evergreen Trees - Cherry Laurel Trees over 3 metres tall
Extra Mature Clear Stem Evergreen Trees – Cherry Laurels over 3 metres tall

Just in, these clear stem Cherry Laurel trees are well over 3 metres tall and have a trunk height of between 1.6 and 1.7 metres. Cherry Laurel (Prunus Laurocerasus) is an evergreen tree with large vivid green leaves. It is relatively fast growing. These particular trees have been grown and shaped as full standard shaped clear stem trees and are perfect for above fence or wall screening.

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Buxus Boxes – have fun with Box Topiary Squares

Let your imagination run wild and create strong geometric shapes in your garden with our Box Topiary Squares! These may be small plants but when planted together, they can transform your garden adding an attractive dense, evergreen structure that will look great all year round. Over time, as they become established, the effect will be striking. The other point to remember about Box (Buxus Sempervirens) is that it is slow growing so maintaining your topiary shape is not that difficult – and you can get away with trimming just once per year.

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Boxwood Topiary Squares  - Don't Miss our Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer
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Buddha Eden Garden – The Largest Oriental Garden In Europe

Bacalhoa Buddha Eden Garden
It is no secret that we’re lovers of Oriental garden design at Paramount Plants. Earlier this year, we discovered a most surprising find, just one hour north of Lisbon at Quinta Dos Loridos, you will find the Buddha Eden Garden. An ambitious Oriental Peace Garden which is in fact the largest oriental garden in Europe.
We were intrigued to find out more… conceived and created in 2001, by the wealthy art patron José Berardo, the garden occupies over 35 hectares and welcomes everyone in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, embracing a multi faith philosophy, to promote peace and understanding. Central to its success as a garden, is not surprisingly the planting itself, yes the statuary is impressive but it is the nature and planting that steals the show…

Ancient Olive Trees and Hardy Palm Trees at the Buddha Eden Garden
Ancient Olive Trees and Hardy Palm Trees at the Entrance to the Buddha Eden Garden

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Ferns – Perfect Plants for shade

Ferns - Perfect Plants for shade
Ferns are an elegant solution when seeking plants for shade

Hundreds of millions of years old, ferns are among the most ancient of our flora. The fact that ferns don’t flower is more than made up for by their highly decorative fronds or leaves. Many ferns originated in woodland or densely forested areas where little sunlight could penetrate. Their resulting shade-loving characteristics make ferns one of the best plants to brighten up those shady or north facing areas of the garden where something green but nonetheless ornamental is required. Read more Ferns – Perfect Plants for shade