Best for Hedges – Why We Choose Yew Hedging

Why choose Yew for hedging?
Known as the ‘King of Hedges’ Yew is a native tree of the UK – Taxus Baccatta was traditionally planted in churchyards and left untouched they have now become some of the oldest trees in the country. The stuff of folklore – stories abound as to why and where they were planted in ancient times, whatever the reason we now have a legacy of beautiful old gnarled trees gently growing older in ancient churchyards and stately homes.

Ancient Yew Hedge at Standen Gardens in Sussex

Ancient Yew Hedge at Standen Gardens in Sussex

There is no other hedge so quintessentially English as a Yew Hedge – it is extremely dense evergreen with deepest green leaves and bright green new shoots, it clips extremely well and the new shoots happily grow from old wood so there are none of the problems of having deadwood showing after pruning which can be a problem with some other hedging plants. The Yew will serve as an excellent screen and wind break and is loved by nesting birds – they can immerse themselves in the closely knit branches well away from predators. The red arils (the red/pink fleshy type berry which covers the Yew seeds) is loved by blackbirds and thrushes during the winter months, indeed this is how Yew is naturally propagated.
The Yew is a beautiful addition to the garden which just gets better the older it gets.

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Yew Hedging Plants are best planted in the Autumn

Growing Tips:
Autumn is the very best time of year for planting a Yew hedge - the ground is still warm and the young plants have a chance to settle before the cold weather sets in. A good mulch around each plant will help them get a head start.
Yew could not be described as a fast growing hedge but neither are they quite as slow as people think – however if you need an instant hedge or prefer a head start we can provide larger Yew trees of up to 9ft tall.
For best value – our current offer of 10 x 80cm Taxus Baccatta plants for £120 is hard to beat.

Yew Hedging to buy online UK

Yew Hedging Plants available both large and small sizes

Regular feeding after initial planting will help these hedging plants to establish and grow faster, once settled they are very easy to maintain and require one pruning a year around August time.
Take a look at our full hedging range here
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 Buy your Tree Peony Online UK wide delivery.

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