Topiary Bay Tree Lollipop – A pair of Laurus Nobilis Bay Tree Lollipops for only £125!

Right now we have a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE OFFER on our newly arrived beautiful Bay Tree Lolliops. Topiary bay trees look great when planted in pairs, so we are offering a pair of 1.5 Metre High Laurus Nobilis Bay Tree Lollipops for only £125!

Topiary Bay Tree Lollipop –  Special Offer

Topiary Bay Tree Lollipop – Special Offer…

The ancient bay tree or Laurus Nobilis is among the most popular of evergreen trees used in topiary. They are hardy and thus well suited to our UK climates. They have glossy fragrant deep green leaves, often used in cooking. Topiary bay trees grow equally well in the ground as in containers. They are happy in a sunny or partial shade position. It is not difficult to maintain the lovely lollipop heads – simply trim when dormant in late winter.

Our latest topiary bay tree lollipop arrivals are circa 1.5 metres high, excluding the pot size. They are half standard in shape and have lollipop heads of circa 55 cm in diameter and a stem height of between 70 and 80 cm.

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More Great Offers: A pair of Taxus Baccata Lollipop aka Yew Lollipop Trees

A pair of 1.2 metre High Taxus Baccata Yew Trees in half standard Lollipop shape for only £200!

The evergreen Taxus Baccata (common yew or English yew) is native to the UK. Thanks to its dense branching habit, the Taxus Baccata has long been used as an ornamental plant in English gardens, especially valued for topiary and for hedging. Yews (Taxus Baccata) lend themselves very well to all kinds of topiary including Taxus Baccata Yew Spiral (which we have in stock at almost 2 metre high) and Taxus Baccata pyramids. Read On…

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Spectacular flowering mature Tree Peonies in many varieties, available up to 80 cm in height

We are delighted to have sourced an impressive selection of Tree Peonies, more mature than you will usually find in the UK, some reaching 80 cm in height. Perhaps less widely available than their better known cousins the herbaceous peony, tree peonies (Paeonia Suffruticosa) are a favourite in the world of ornamental horticulture with their splendid flowers and rich green foliage.

Flowering now - Tree Peony Xue Ta has beautiful white flowers with a pink centre

Flowering now – Tree Peony Xue Ta has beautiful white flowers with a pink centre

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Topiary Offer: Buxus Balls and Globes

Buxus Balls Offer -  premium Buxus sempervirens

Buxus Balls Offer – our premium Buxus sempervirens are ready to go

The ancient art of topiary has long delighted gardeners. The resulting three-dimensional shapes of carefully clipped foliage enhancing gardens, terraces and patios down through the ages with a sense of scale and drama, sometimes formal, sometimes casual.

Special Offers on Buxus Balls in various sizes –  buy now online Read On…

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Topiary: Introducing Rhaphiolepis Indica Springtime aka Indian Hawthorn ‘Pink Lady’ with a special offer

Originating from China, Rhaphiolepis Indica Springtime may not be a household name among the evergreen shrubs more commonly gracing our UK gardens as topiary. However, if you are looking for a good-looking, evergreen shrub suitable for topiary with year-round interest, lots of versatility and the added attraction of being perhaps not so well known, Rhaphiolepis Indica Springtime (Pink Lady) is well worth considering. Particularly attractive are the topiary (lollipop) half standard shape which we now have in stock.

Special Online Offer: Buy 1 4ft  Rhaphiolepis Indica Springtime Get 1 Free... Read On…

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