Yellow Magnolias For The UK Climate

Yellow Magnolias Blooming in May
Whilst we all look forward to the beautiful buds and flowers of Magnolias in early Spring, delighting us with every shade of pink to the palest hues and white, there is something rather surprising when the first yellow Magnolia flowers emerge later in the season.

Yellow Magnolia Butterflies for sale online UK
Yellow Flowering Magnolias – Magnolia Yellow Bird flowering in April/May in the UK


Developing a truly yellow Magnolia has been something of a grail quest in the horticultural world. One of the first really successful yellow cultivars is Yellow Butterflies, remaining one of the most popular ornamental trees, developing a tall pyramidal shape. A later flowering Magnolia, the blooms appear in profusion during May and are a deep buttery yellow, the signature ‘tulip’ shape flower reaches 10-20cm.
Magnolia Butterflies is relatively slow growing and will attain a height of 5-7 metres at maturity, preferring a sunny or partial shaded site that is sheltered from cold winds. A lawn or woodland edge setting is perfect and this is also a beautiful specimen tree for urban gardens. Read more Yellow Magnolias For The UK Climate