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Ultimate Screening Bamboo – Semiarundinaria Fastuosa Bamboo, 4 Metres tall!

SPECIAL OFFER – Buy 10x 4 Metre Tall Semiarundinaria Fastuosa Bamboo Plants for £1,450 (save 25%!) Incredibly popular due to their stately erect habit (Fastuosa), these bamboos are very popular among those in need of evergreen screening. Tweet

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Ilex Crenata Maxima – more Ilex Crenata Hedging Alternatives to Box


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Azaleas UK

Azaleas – Our New Collection Azaleas have been prized by European gardeners since they arrived on our shores hundreds of years ago, these showy flowering shrubs are native to the Far East, Middle East and The Americas and they are … Continue reading

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Camellia Japonica – it’s almost time….


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Cornus Kousa and Cornus Florida – these Flowering Dogwoods take the ornamental tree to new heights!

THE BACKGROUND Belonging to the Cornus genus, Cornus Kousa and Cornus Florida (a genus commonly known as flowering dogwoods) have long been used as ornamental trees for gardens and landscapes. Compact and upright in shape, Cornus ornamental trees generally don’t … Continue reading

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