Bamboo For Screening

Bamboo Hedges and Screening.
One of the most revered ‘woods’ in Chinese culture, bamboo has been robustly embraced by garden designers in the UK for the creation of contemporary gardens and Japanese style gardens,
It has proved especially useful in urban gardens where space is at a premium and the bonus is that bamboo creates a very elegant solution to so many screening problems. Read more Bamboo For Screening

Caring For Camellias

Camellias are beautiful Spring Flowering shrubs and right now they are putting on an incredible show of blooms.To some gardeners they seem quite rarified but they are not difficult shrubs to grow, as long as you bear in mind they have certain needs if they are to thrive and produce the fabulous displays in Spring that Camellia lovers are waiting and hoping for. Read more Caring For Camellias

Can I Plant Plants in Cold Weather?

Can I plant plants in Cold Weather?

We have consistently found that one of our customers main concerns focusses around planting in cold weather and keeping plants in pots in the extreme cold, rest assured this is one of the best times of year to be planning and planting your garden. The plants we sell at Paramount Plants have been grown and maintained by us outside and so they are completely acclimatised to normal UK weather conditions. Read more Can I Plant Plants in Cold Weather?