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Rhododendrons in the Woodland Garden

April/May/June sees one of the showiest displays in the UK – in both gardens and in the wild. For during these months the Rhododendrons are in flower. These extravagant blooms, indigenous to the Himalayas, were originally taken around the world … Continue reading

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Magnolia Grandiflora – full standard trees of premium quality, standing 6 metres tall!

A beautiful tree, Magnolia Grandiflora is stately, elegant and luxuriously evergreen. In summer, it will delight you with sizable, broad-shaped scented flowers (hence grandi-flora!) from mid-summer through to autumn. Tweet

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Now for sale at Paramount Plants, a rare 20 year old Prunus Mume ornamental tree

A rare and beautiful ornamental plant, Prunus Mume, commonly known as Chinese Plum or Japanese Apricot, is in fact related to both the plum and the apricot. Flowering right now, Prunus Mume, which originated in Asia, is widely recognised  as … Continue reading

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Yew Trees – how versatile they are…

As I am sure many gardeners will agree, there is always something new to learn about plants… Whilst researching about Yew Trees yesterday, I was reminded that the Latin word Bacatta (as in Taxus Bacatta) means to bear berries – this … Continue reading

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Christmas Trees for sale online – London

Paramount is getting into the festive spirit! Our Nordmann fir Xmas trees have just arrived – we have a fabulous selection and three different sizes priced at £40, £45 and £50, these are quality non-drop trees that are trimmed to prefectly … Continue reading

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