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Agapanthus Africanus Albus (African White Lily) – a summer beauty adored by bees

Originating from Africa, Agapanthus Africanus Albus is an evergreen variety of Agapanthus with stunning white flowers. It is also known as the African White Lily or the Nile Lily. Special Offer 25% OFF: Buy 2x 90cm high Agapanthus for £45! … Continue reading

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Mature Camellia Japonica – 4 meters high, 25 years old

NOTE – THIS POST WAS UPDATED ON 18/03/2014! It is not an everyday occurrence that we can offer our customers a 25 year old mature Camellia Japonica for sale, standing circa 4 meters high. Of the few Camellia Dr. Burnside trees … Continue reading

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Spring! Now is the time to get out there planting by Karen Mariconda

It’s strange at this time of year that many people ask when is the best time to plant trees and shrubs. Probably a lot of this is due to confusion over the weather this year changing from hot to cold … Continue reading

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Yucca Rostrata – a hardy architectural plant with a spherical crown of blue-green leaves


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Magnolia Sieboldii – Summer Flowering Ornamental Trees

The lovely Magnolia Sieboldii has fragrant white creamy flowers with pink centres, surrounded by its characteristic rich green leaves. This is a deciduous magnolia and a slow growing variety, making it ideal as a small to medium ornamental tree.  It … Continue reading

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