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Tree Pruning – How, Why and When to Pollard

There are many different types of tree pruning techniques. We’ve discussed Pleaching or espalliered trees and topiary in earlier blog posts – these are mainly used for ornamental purposes. Today, we have a guest post by Ben van Heygen of … Continue reading

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It’s Cherry Blossom Time…

The Importance of Cherry Blossom… In Japan, cherry blossom symbolises clouds and is highly significant in Japanese culture. Its extreme beauty and quick demise are seen as the embodiment of life itself. Tweet

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Battling The Winter Blues by Amanda Broughton

As we continue to brave the arctic conditions (snow is falling as I write), and our gardens have turned into a brown soggy mess, we all wait in anticipation for spring to arrive, bringing with it the promise of warm … Continue reading

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Mature Evergreen Trees – our top picks!

Our regular readers most likely know by now that here at Paramount Plants, we are specialists in mature trees. Tweet

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Wollemi Nobilis or Wollemi Pine – The Dinosaur Tree

During the Jurassic period 200 million years ago it wasn’t just Dinosaurs that abounded. Jurassic plants were also in existence such as ferns, cycads and conifers. Amongst those conifers were living redwoods, cypresses, pines and yews. Tweet

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