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Our New Collection of Conifers

We’ve always been fans of Conifers at Paramount Plants – as part of our evergreen screening options and as instant hedging – they are right up there in our best sellers list. Over the past year we’ve travelled far and … Continue reading

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Cornus Kousa and Cornus Florida – these Flowering Dogwoods take the ornamental tree to new heights!

THE BACKGROUND Belonging to the Cornus genus, Cornus Kousa and Cornus Florida (a genus commonly known as flowering dogwoods) have long been used as ornamental trees for gardens and landscapes. Compact and upright in shape, Cornus ornamental trees generally don’t … Continue reading

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Quercus Suber Trees

Truly one of the most majestic trees of the Mediterranean landscape, the Cork Oak, has arrived in style at Paramount Plants.  Our latest stock of much more mature trees will provide instant maturity to any garden design. Tweet

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Tree Pruning – How, Why and When to Pollard

There are many different types of tree pruning techniques. We’ve discussed Pleaching or espalliered trees and topiary in earlier blog posts – these are mainly used for ornamental purposes. Today, we have a guest post by Ben van Heygen of … Continue reading

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It’s Cherry Blossom Time…

The Importance of Cherry Blossom… In Japan, cherry blossom symbolises clouds and is highly significant in Japanese culture. Its extreme beauty and quick demise are seen as the embodiment of life itself. Tweet

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