Paramount Plants – Spring Promo Codes!

Buy our Photinia Hedging shrub 1.5-1.75 metre high as rootball plants and save ££s
Height Excluding Pot:
1.5-1.75m (4ft 11-5ft 8) – £35 each 
Buy 2 Get 1 Free – £23.33 each
Buy 50 for £1000 – £20 each
Plant shape: rootballed – supplied without pot, this is a fantastic offer – giving you the opportunity to create a stunning hedge at a fraction of the normal price.
PLUS For all Orders Over £250 (excl delivery) use PLANT20 at the checkout and get a further 20% off your order…
If you buy the 50 plant option this is an incredible price of just £16 for each plant when you use the promo code PLANT20

Paramount Plants – Spring Promo Codes
Spring is in the air – kick start your garden and avail of the new Paramount Plants Promo Codes


Looks like spring is here and so are the new Paramount Plants Promo Codes! That’s great news for gardeners! Why? Because in addition to our various ongoing offers like our ever popular Buy 1 Get 1 Free on selected plants, we are awarding up to 20% discount on online orders over £250 – limited time offer! Read more Paramount Plants – Spring Promo Codes!

Weeping Trees – large and small, deciduous and evergreen

Caragana Arborescens Walker
The lovely Caragana Arborescens Walker in flower, dwarf weeping tree


Weeping Trees with their naturally pendulous habit always seem to add a sense of mystique to the garden or landscape. Perhaps because their trailing growth habit goes against the grain of regular trees whose branches naturally reach for the skies. Although it can be said that some weeping trees require a large space to fulfil their majestic potential, there are many options suited to the smaller garden. Let’s take a closer look! Read more Weeping Trees – large and small, deciduous and evergreen

Deciduous Azalea Hybrids – spectacular flowering shrubs

To most of us, evergreen azaleas are well known – they tend to be medium-sized, compact, spring flowering shrubs that look great in containers and when in flower can be spectacular in smaller gardens as a focal point or in mixed borders in larger gardens. However, Deciduous Azalea Hybrids also have their merits and once you have experienced their spectacular floral displays with their fiery orange, red, yellow (and more) colours, you will be extremely keen to make these part of your garden display. Hybridised over the previous 200 years, they come in a massive variety of colours and sizes with both early and late flowering varieties. Read more Deciduous Azalea Hybrids – spectacular flowering shrubs