Gardens With Seating Areas

People create and maintain their gardens for many different reasons but relaxation is surely near the top of the list. As a retreat for relaxation and contemplation, peaceful gardens with seating areas are a ‘must have’ component in our view.
Whether your garden design is on a grand scale or perhaps a tiny courtyard or roof terrace, with a bit of thought, you can create an oasis of calm by using clever planting and screening for privacy.
Here we are showcasing some of our favourite garden seating area designs, some are images we’ve collected ourselves during our travels to inspiring gardens and others have been sent to us by happy customers. There is surely something here to inspire your creativity whilst planning your outside space. Read more Gardens With Seating Areas

Buy Pleached Trees Online from our New Collection

What Are Pleached Trees?
Full Standard Trees that are frame trained as a flat rectangular shape are known as pleached trees. This is an extension of the age old art of espallier, literally taken to new heights. The tree is grown with a clear stem as a full standard, reaching circa 2 metres of trunk. Meanwhile the head of the tree has been expertly trained and pruned with the aid of a frame to create a flat rectangle. The training frames are constructed from bamboo and the tree’s branches are selected and teased along the frame, carefully held in place with wire supports. Any wayward shoots are trimmed away and the tree soon takes on a fabulous architectural shape, which only requires a shape-up trim a couple of times a year. Choose evergreen species trained in this way, to create an above fence or above wall privacy screen, providing valuable boundary screening throughout the year. Now with nationwide delivery, you can buy pleached trees online, including our mature specimens for delivery direct to your home.  Read more Buy Pleached Trees Online from our New Collection

Paramount Plants Discount Code

Our latest Promo Code discounts are now available when you buy online. Winter is one of the best times of the year to plant mature trees and shrubs, the plants are in their ‘dormant’ stage and will more easily settle in after planting.
To take advantage of this we have a range of Minimum Spend Discounts for you to use, the more you spend, the more you save and the good news is all these offers apply to our entire range, even those plants that are already on special offer. What’s not to like?!
NB – the minimum spend does not include delivery and only one promo code can be used per order. Read more Paramount Plants Discount Code