Buy 2 Mature Thuja Smaragd topiary spirals for only £215
This offer extends to our Thuja Smaragd topiary spirals in the size category of 1.5 metres high and a 20 litre pot size.

The word Smaragd means emerald in the Germanic languages of Europe and indeed emerald is a fitting adjective for the glossy green foliage of the Thuja Occidentalis Smaragd, which maintains its vibrant verdant colour all year round. Thuja Occidentalis Smaragd (or White Cedar Smaragd) originated in the forests of Canada and North America and is a member of the cypress family (Cupressaceae). Slow growing, evergreen and with its extremely attractive foliage colour, Thuja Smaragd is a good subject for topiary and has the added plus of being very hardy.

Position these lovely Thuja Smaragd Topiary Spirals in a nice, sunny position. It does not matter if they are exposed. You can either plant them in the ground or grow them in containers.

Also available as a topiary pencil cypress style, Thuja Smaragd looks very similar to its cousin the Italian pencil cypress (Cupressus Sempervirens) with the added plus that the Thuja Smaragd is very hardy and thrives in our UK climate.
Our Thuja Smaragd Pencil Cypress style trees are also on special offer when you buy two.
Normally £135, Buy 2 for £200! 

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Thuja Occidentalis Smaragd Topiary Spirals

Thuja Occidentalis Smaragd Topiary Spirals