Updated November 2015
Our newest varieties have just arrived November 2015 – read our latest blog on Camellia Sasanquas here

Selection of winter flowering Camellia Sasanqua

Winter flowering Camellia Sasanqua is perhaps less well known than its spring flowering relative Camellia Japonica. Nevertheless, Camellia Sasanquas are a garden treasure, bringing uplifting colour and fragrance to the garden from autumn right through to early spring – exactly when it’s most needed. Sasanquas have been cultivated in their native Japan since the 1300’s!

Graceful and airy winter flowering Camellias are slow growing, usually reaching a maximum height in the UK of circa 4 metres. Although smaller than Camellia Japonica flowers, Camellia Sasanqua flowers tend to be abundant and are known for their fragrance. Evergreen Sasanquas have beautiful dark green foliage and a more spreading growth than the dense-growing better known camellia varieties. Camellia Sasanquas lend themselves to light trimming, best done in mid-summer. Ideal as stand-alone ornamental shrubs, you could also consider Camellia Sasanqua if you are looking for an unusual winter flowering evergreen hedge.

At Paramount Plants, our winter flowering Camellia Sasanquas – still flowering now – are available in pink (Cleopatra), white and crimson red (kanjiro).
In this price range, all plants are a bushy shaped and circa 90 CM tall!
UK wide delivery.

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A Selection of our Sasanqua varieties – available to buy online with UK delivery