Rootballed Yew Hedging – Great Offers when you buy 10 plants…

A British native, Yew Hedging is stately and elegant. This ‘King of Hedges’ as it is known, is the ultimate wind, noise and neighbour shield. A living wall of green, Yew Hedging is home and sanctuary for small birds. It is evergreen, disease resistant, hardy and very long living. In fact, the longer it lives, the more beautiful it becomes. It is immensely clipable and can be as tall (or as low) as you like. Yew hedging is low maintenance and can be well kept with trimming just once per year.

An ideal hedging plant, it has a naturally dense growth habit. While Yew is not as fast growing as say Leyland Cypress, it is a common misconception that the yew is a slow grower. The beauty of Yew hedging is that shoots will grow from the old wood so you never have that problem with deadwood showing once you have pruned.


Tall, mature yew hedge in an informal English garden

As well as providing you with an evergreen screen, yew hedging with its rich green foliage and lighter green of the newest shoots, is a very attractive garden backdrop. Think of it as an essential part of your garden architecture.

If you are creating a hedge, you are going to need more than one plant. Our yew hedging offers are tailored to this and we offer tremendous value when you buy 10 plants. In addition, our yew hedging plants are rootballed (supplied without a pot) giving you even greater value for money.

We have offers on 5 different sizes from about 1 metre tall right up to a massive 4 metres tall!

1.25 metres tall – Buy 10 for £270
1.50 metres tall – Buy 10 for £350
1.75 metres tall – Buy 10 for £670
2.00 metres tall – Buy 10 for £950
4.00 metres tall – Buy 10 for £4,200

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Mature Yew Hedging rootballed - Great Offers when you buy 10 plants or more

Mature Yew Hedging 4 metres tall – available now rootballed