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Azalea Molle Aurore Deciduous Orange Flowering Azalea

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Height Excluding Pot: 50-60cm (1ft 7-1ft 11)

Pot size: 4.5 Litres

Plant ID: 10194 97

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Azalea Molle Aurore
Knap Hill and Exbury Azaleas include some of the finest deciduous Azalea hybrids such as the English-bred Azalea Molle Aurore. A cross of R. Molle (Mollis), this hybrid displays huge, showy trusses of orange blossoms, with each cluster containing between 18 and 30 flowers. Azalea Aurore flowers from mid to late spring and flowers are long-lasting and showy. Growing as an upright shrub, Azalea Aurore has deciduous foliage consisting of large elliptic to oblong leaves, each between 5 and 15 centimetres in size. The leaves start out green but turn to warm hues of golden yellow, orange, and red as the summer ends: the autumn colour of the foliage provides interest once the flowering season passes.

Height and Spread of Azalea Molle Aurore
A large upright shrub to a small tree, Azalea Aurore will grow to be between 1 and 3 metres in height.

How Hardy is Azalea Molle Aurore?
Very tough and resilient, Azalea Aurore is fully hardy in the United Kingdom and can survive subzero temperatures.

How To Use Azalea Molle Aurore
Hybrid Azaleas are popular for their multiple seasons of interest: whether it is the autumn colour or the stunning late spring floral display, these cultivars will attract attention. Use Azalea Aurore as a specimen plant in smaller gardens or as a lean specimen, where its beauty can be fully appreciated.

How To Care For Azalea Molle Aurore
Easy to grow and to care for, Azalea Aurore does not require fussing over to thrive. It will grow in full sun to partial shade, but you will need to water it more if you choose an overly sunny spot in the garden. The soil should be moist but well-drained and enriched with mulch and compost. Azalea Molle Aurore needs slightly acidic soil, so if the pH value of your garden soil is not compatible, use ericaceous planting and potting mix. Once more tip, to give your new plant the best possible start in its new home, use Mycorrhizal Fungi Granules when you plant it.

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