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Aglaonema Stripes or Chinese Evergreen

Excellent Air-Purifying Indoor Plant

Aglaonema Stripes Chinese Evergreen Tropical Indoor Plant
Aglaonema Stripes Chinese Evergreen
Botanical Name: Aglaonema Stripes
Common Name: Chinese Evergreen
Light: Bright Indirect Light
Watering: Water when compost feels dry. Drain excess water
Feeding: House Plant Fertiliser weekly in growing season
Humidity: Misting regularly recommended
Room: Office or Bedroom
Air Purifier: Yes
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Height Excluding Pot: 20-40cm (0ft 7-1ft 3)

Plant ID: 12347 4

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Aglaonema Stripes or Chinese Evergreen
Aglaonema Stripes or Chinese Evergreen 20-40 cm

This image displays plant 20-40 cm tall.

Height Excluding Pot: 20-40cm (0ft 7-1ft 3)

Plant ID: 12347 4

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Aglaonema Stripes or Chinese Evergreen
Aglaonema Stripes or Chinese Evergreen 20-40 cm
Height Excluding Pot: 20-40cm (0ft 7-1ft 3)

Plant ID: 12347 4

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Was £17.00
20% Off - Now £13.60

Aglaonema Stripes is an excellent air-purifying indoor plant with long stripy green leaves hence its name ‘stripes’.  It’s one of the easiest to look after and suits any room you spend lots of time in.

Aglaonema Stripes is native to tropical and subtropical areas of Asia and New Guinea. It grows tucked beneath the shade of tropical trees which is why it has such long leafy foliage. It’s better known as Chinese Evergreen.

Chinese Evergreens are very popular houseplants because they come in so many different colours and patterns everyone can find one to suit their décor. Stripes has long narrow upright green leaves with paler green stripes that resemble a feathered pattern. Its stems are faded green, and new leaves emerge slightly paler before maturing to match the rest.

Chinese Evergreen is an air purifier extraordinaire. It’s proven to remove formaldehyde and benzene toxins from the air so it’s a top choice for offices and bedrooms.

Whilst it’s a very beautiful air purifier, the foliage is toxic if it’s eaten. It’s best to keep this one out of reach of children and pets that like to chew.

How To Water And Feed Aglaonema Stripes
Water Chinese Evergreen when the soil becomes dry down to a few centimetres. Pop it in a sink of water to soak for a few hours and wipe down its foliage to remove dust. Allow it to drain clear of excess water before replacing it in the display pot.

Aglaonema appreciates regular misting to replicate its natural tropical environment, and a weak fertiliser rarely in the summer months is enough. It won’t need food during the winter.

How Much Light Does Aglaonema Stripes Need?
Living in the wild at the base of large trees means Chinese Evergreens requires bright, indirect light. A steamy kitchen or shower room is best, but if you can mist it once or twice a week it will grow in any bright room of the house. Be sure to turn it a quarter twist every week so it grows evenly.
Direct sunlight will scorch its shade-loving leaves and too much indirect light will turn its foliage pale yellow. If this happens move it to a shadier spot. 

Where To Put Aglaonema Stripes
Air-purifying qualities make this a perfect choice for busy living rooms, adult bedrooms and home offices. Its easy-care nature makes it hassle-free and its lush, leafy foliage brightens up a work desk on the dullest January days.

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