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Cala Aeschynanthus Rasta Lipstick Plant

Tropical Curly-Leaved Exotic House Plant

Cala Aeschynanthus Rasta Lipstick Plant Exotic House Plant
Aeschynanthus Rasta Lipstick Plant
Botanical Name: Cala Aeschynanthus Rasta
Common Name: Lipstick Plant
Light: Bright Indirect Light
Watering: Water when compost feels dry. Drain excess water
Feeding: A weak fertiliser every three to four weeks in spring and summer
Humidity: Misting regularly recommended
Room: Kitchen or Bathroom
Air Purifier: Yes
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Height Excluding Pot: 20-30cm (0ft 7-0ft 11)

Plant shape: Hanging Plant

Plant ID: 12259 4

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Cala Aeschynanthus Rasta Lipstick Plant
Cala Aeschynanthus Rasta Lipstick Plant 20-30 cm

This image displays plant 20-30 cm tall.

Height Excluding Pot: 20-30cm (0ft 7-0ft 11)

Plant shape: Hanging Plant

Plant ID: 12259 4

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Was £30.00
20% Off - Now £24.00

Cala Aeschynanthus Rasta is a tropical curly-leaved exotic house plant with bright red flowers that resemble small tubes of lipstick. This is an eye-catching beauty that’s happy spreading along a shelf or hanging from a hook near the window.

Cala Aeschynanthus Rasta is native to the tropics of the Malay Peninsula and south to Java. It’s an epiphyte on trees and pollinated by sunbirds who can reach inside the tubular flowers to drink its nectar. This tropical beauty has fronds of shiny, curly leaves that are dark green on top but paler beneath. Its lipstick tube flowers bloom on its branching tips in bright vivid red. The spectacular flowers are long-lasting, but even when it’s not in bloom the contrasting foliage creates plenty of interesting shades.

Because it’s from the tropics, Lipstick Plant prefers a brightly lit humid environment, so an indirectly lit kitchen or bathroom windowsill is the perfect spot for it. If that’s not possible, and you can commit to misting it a few times a week, Lipstick Plant will grow in any bright room of the house.

How To Water And Feed Cala Aeschynanthus Rasta
Let the soil dry out to a few centimetres before you water Lipstick Plant because it doesn’t like consistently wet soil.
The best way is to put the liner pot in a sink of water and let it soak for a few hours. Then, let it drain clear and mist the foliage. It will need less water in winter.
No food is needed in winter, but when it’s growing in spring and summer a weak houseplant fertiliser every 3-4 weeks will encourage more of the flamboyant flowers.

How Much Light Does Cala Aeschynanthus Rasta Need?
Lipstick Plant needs lots of bright indirect light. If its position is too dull it will get leggy and won’t flower.

Where To Put Cala Aeschynanthus Rasta
Near a window but out of direct sun that will scorch its foliage is best. Its tropical origins mean a steamy shower room is preferable, but regular misting will help boost its humidity elsewhere.
It’s suitable for any well-lit room including bedrooms and living rooms. It’s a non-toxic air purifier that brings better health and a wow factor to your home. Let it cascade from a bedside table or hanging basket for full effect.

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