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Chimonobambusa Marmorea Bamboo

Chimonobambusa Marmorea or Marbled Bamboo plants, these are Shade Tolerant Bamboos for sale online UK
Chimonobambusa Marmorea
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Height Excluding Pot:
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Pot size: 5 Litres
Plant ID: 2389 68
Price: £69.95
30% Discount £48.97
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Chimonobambusa Marmorea or Marbled Bamboo
The Chimonobambusa Marmorea, commonly called the Marbled Bamboo, is a semi-dwarf evergreen ornamental grass plant that rarely exceeds 2.5 meters in height with a spread of about 3 meters. The leaves are small when compared to larger varieties of bamboo. Each leaflet is lance-shaped. The petite size of the foliage gives the plant a feathery appearance and makes it look more bush-like than typically classic golden bamboo or black bamboo
Marbled Bamboo produces eye-catching culms that are a mottled white and brown shade upon maturation. Young shoots first appear in hues of vibrant mint green. When fully grown, the culms generally measure 13 to 15 mm in diameter. The diminutive size of the marbled bamboo plant makes it an ideal bamboo variety for container growth. It also grows well as a houseplant and is believed to bring good fortune to the home’s inhabitants. 
The marbled bamboo plant spreads by rhizomes, but it produces relatively shallow roots so is easily maintained. The plant can be simply pulled or dug up in unwanted areas of the garden. It tolerates transplanting well so can be relocated to other new areas of the garden.
The bush-like growth of the marble bamboo makes it an ideal low growing hedge plant for privacy. It grows well in full shade, partial shade, or full sun with adequate water. 
The plant prefers a planting site with well-draining, moist soil. It tolerates loamy, sandy, or clay dirt. It will grow in alkaline or acidic soil. Once established, the plant can withstand periods of brief drought.
Marbled bamboo survives brief temperature drops to -10 to -15 degrees Celsius, but tender young shoots may suffer damage. Potted marbled bamboo plants should be taken indoors or to a protected location if a frost or freeze is forecast.
If you are looking for a relatively fast growing privacy hedge, then marble bamboo might be the perfect bamboo choice. It reaches its full height in two to five years. Once established, the plant requires only minimal care to thrive. 
The bushy little plant is also a lovely potted bamboo to grow on patios, balconies or porches.

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