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Pinus Strobus Eastern White Pine

Pinus Strobus Eastern White Pine 

Pinus Strobus (Eastern White Pine) is a true blue Pine tree which adds real colour to a garden setting. Soft long needles and a smooth trunk gives Pinus Strobus an almost tropical feel. This pine can grow to quite a size but take a leaf out of the Japanese gardeners book and trim it to keep it to the size you desire.
Originating in North America they are found as far north as Newfoundland through Manitoba and the Appalachian mountains down to Minnesota they are evergreen and extremely hardy. They are sometimes known in the UK as Weymouth Pines named after George Weymouth who introduced these trees to the United Kingdom as far back as 1620. The Eastern White Pine tree also trims very well so it's an ideal candidate for using as privacy trees.
This pine grows in any soil as long as fertile and well drained. It prefers the sunniest spot you can give it.

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Overall Size: 1-1.2m
Plant shape: ¼ standard
Trunk height: 60cm
Pot size: 35L
Price: £95.00
Overall Size: 1.3-1.4m
Plant shape: ½ standard
Trunk height: 110 cmcm
Pot size: 20L
Diameter: 50-60cm
Price: £130.00
Overall Size: 2-2.5m
Plant shape: Single Stem
Pot size: 80L
Price: £295.00

Dryopteris Cycadina

Dryopteris Cycadina is a neat rosette type fern that is also known as the Shaggy Shield Fern or the Blackwood Fern.
An attractive low growing deciduous or semi-evergreen (depending on the climate) this shuttlecock fern originates from China and Japan and has lovely light green fronds with stems peppered with tiny black scales.

Dropteris Cycadina grows as a medium size clump with an arching habit. A beautiful little fern that works well when underplanted with Japanese Acers. As these ferns grow in woodland settings they also work so well when planted with other varieties of ferns beneath taller trees in a sheltered area.
Like most ferns the Shaggy Shield fern prefers partial shade, or full shade, and any well drained fertile soil. Max height and spread 1 metre.
Overall Size: 30-40cm
Pot size: 5L
Diameter: 70-80cm
Price: £25.00

Camellia Reticulata California

Camellia Reticulata California

Camellia Reticulata California was introduced in 1981 as a new variety of Reticulata. It is an evergreen, spring flowering, camellia with an average growth rate. Thanks to a large, deep rose pink flowers, this Camellia is one of the most spectacular spring blooming plants you are likely to come across. In addition to these large showy flowers, Camellia Reticulata California tends to have a nice, lengthy flowering season.

Originating in China as opposed to Japan, Camellia Reticulata differs from the better known spring flowering Camellia Japonica and the winter flowering Camellia Sasanqua in that it tends to have a more tree-forming rather than bushy habit, and can grow quite tall over time. Camellia Reticulata can be compared with other small flowering trees such as Cornus Kousa (flowering dogwoods) and Magnolias.

Camellia Reticulata California likes a shady or semi shady spot, with acidic, moist well-draining soil.

Camellia Reticulata California can be used as a garden focal point, but may also be considered as an alternative hedging choice.

Overall Size: 60-80cm
Plant shape: Bush
Pot size: 3-4L
Price: £35.00
Overall Size: 1.25-1.5m
Pot size: 20-25L
Price: £125.00
Overall Size: 1.8-2.2m
Plant shape: Multi-stemmed
Pot size: 130L
Price: £795.00

Clematis Montana Rubens

Clematis Montana Rubens is also known as Clematis Pink Perfection
This variety of Clematis is an absolute show stopper - it is completely covered in the most delicately fragrant blossoms in late Spring to early Summer. Clematis Pink Perfection is a decidous climber producing light pink flowers tinged with a deeper pink to purple, as the flowers age they become lighter in colour and by the time the petals start to fall they resemble snow flakes in the breeze. The leaves of Clematis Montana are an attractive mid green colour and they develop a bronze hue later in the season, in sunny positions there can be a second wave (although fewer) blooms in late summer. 

Clematis Montana Rubens is a sturdy climber and will readily scramble over walls and fences in a cottage garden rambling way. This climber is ideal if you want to cover an unsightly corner, it looks beautiful when clambering up into a large tree or over an arbour or pergola. Clematis Rubens thrives when planted in a sunny or semi shaded position.

Growing Tip: Grow in neutral soil and if space is restricted trimming the plant back to healthy buds will restrict its overall size.  A mature plant will grow to a height of 5 metres high by 3 metres wide if unchecked.

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Overall Size: 1.5-1.75m
Pot size: 5L
Price: £55.00

Camellia Japonica General Colletti

Camellia Japonica General Colletti

What a beauty - Camellia Colletti is a stunning multi coloured Camellia variety producing these gorgeous deep red blooms with white splashes contrasting with the glossy dark evergreen leaves. These double flowers appear in late winter / early Spring depending on the severity of the climate. An upright yet slow growing variety of Camellia, it prefers a moist well drained acidic soil.
Plant in a shady or semi-shady position using Ericaceous soil around the roots and make sure it is sheltered from cold winds. Camellias also do really well in plant pots or containers on sheltered terraces and patios. A really stunning flowering evergreen shrub that provides interest all year round. 
Growing Tip:
Feed once a year with slow release Camellia feed aka ericaceous feed and if you need to prune this shrub to tidy or keep its shape - remember to do so AFTER it has flowered, otherwise you may find you've trimmed off the flowering buds.
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Overall Size: 60-80cm
Plant shape: Bush
Pot size: 3L
Price: £21.95
Overall Size: 1-1.25m
Plant shape: Bush
Pot size: 20L
Price: £79.50

Viburnum Davidii

Viburnum Davidii is commonly known as Viburnum David, is a lush evergreen shrub which is bushy and dense and forms a soft dome shape with long lance shaped leathery leaves of the darkest green.

As it will happily grow in both sun and shady conditions it is a very useful shrub for underplanting beneath trees, at the back of a border and is excellent for low growing ground cover. The 'umbrella' shaped cluster of white flowers are tinged with pink, these are followed by fruits, both occur at times of the year when you need them most, very early in the year and very late in the season.
These are dioecious plants so in order to get them fruiting you will need both male and female plants within reasonable distance of each other.
Awarded the RHS AGM  - Award of Garden Merit - always a good sign they will perform well in most gardens.
Overall Size: 80-100cm
Plant shape: low growing bushy shrub
Diameter: 80-100cm
Price: £65.00

Pinus Sylvestris Topiary Dome

Pinus Sylvestris Topiary Crown (Topiary Pine Trees)
This fabulous crown-lifted, Pinus Sylvestris Topiary Pine Tree has the most beautiful sculptural shape, trained to have the multi-stemmed lower branches bare with the upper crown as a beautiful dome shape. These Pinus Sylvestris topiary pine trees are fabulous as a specimen tree and even more stunning as a topiary pair on either side of an entrance or as an elegant addition to a terrace. Pinus Sylvestris (or Scots Pine) is one of the most popular varieties of Pine trees and has significant ornamental value in its own right with its attractively coloured green-grey needles and orange bark. But as a topiary pine tree such as this, it really comes into its own.
These Pinus Sylvestris topiary trees will work beautifully in mixed borders or as a specimen tree focal point in open spaces. It is incredibly hardy and can put up with blistering winds and extreme cold weather. 
A Pinus sylvestris topiary pine tree will thrive in full sun and any type of soil.

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Overall Size: 1-1.25m
Plant shape: Dome shape
Diameter: 125 cmcm
Price: £995.00

Sequoiadendron Giganteum Giant Redwood

Sequoiadendron Giganteum Greenpeace Giant Redwood

The stuff of legends! Sequoiadendron Giganteum (or Giant Redwood) is capable of living 3,000 years and growing in its natural habitat to heights of around 100 metres. This living fossil is a giant among giants.

If you have a large garden, then you can plant this magical sequoia conifer and add a truly majestic tree to your collection.

Sequoiadendron Giganteum has a broadly conical growing habit and has a lovely thick spongy bark and emerald green foliage.

Sequoiadendron Giganteum is best suited to rich, fertile and well-draining soil.

In terms of size expectations when grown in the UK, realistically, it should reach heights of around 50 metres.

In addition to being more commonly known as Giant Redwood, Sequoiadendron Giganteum is also known as Giant Sequoia, Sierra Redwood or Wellingtonia. This incredible conifer is native to the mountains of Sierra Navada, California.

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Overall Size: 1.5-1.75m
Plant shape: Single Stem
Pot size: 35L
Diameter: 100cm
Price: £195.00

Camellia Japonica Triphosa

Camellia Japonica Triphosa 
This elegant and rare variety of Camellia was originally introduced in France, Camellias have never really gone out of fashion per se but at the height of their popularity, these large and pure blooms were highly sought after. Camellias are fairly slow growing so where budget permits it is best to buy the largest specimens to achieve the greatest impact.

Camellia Japonica Triphosa looks beautiful in a mixed border or Woodland garden and these stunning, pure white, cup-shaped flowers with a glorious yellow centre appear in clusters in early Spring. They provide a fabulous contrast with the glossy, leathery evergreen leaves.

Camellia Japonica Triphosa prefers a shady or semi shady spot and slightly acidic, moist, free draining soil. A light prune just once a year after flowering is all that is necessary to keep this Camellia in great shape. Camellia Triphosa will also thrive when grown in a container for the patio. Remember to feed it once a year with Camellia plant food (Ericaceous plant food that is slow release) and keep it watered.

View our Camellia Collection to see our full selection which contains some very rare varieties. Read our blog on Caring For Camellias

Overall Size: 70-90cm
Plant shape: Bush
Pot size: 6L
Price: £45.00

Asplenium Scolopendrium Angustatum

Asplenium Scolopendrium Angustatum

A relatively small, hardy evergreen fern, Asplenium Scolopendrium Angustatum is commonly known as Hart's Tongue Fern. This is a clump forming plant with lovely ruffled edge fronds that unfurl to display the young leaves, which are bright green in colour and gradually become a little darker as they age. Remember ferns are naturally found in woodland settings, so they will do best in shade or dappled shade, they are used to growing 'under the canopy' of trees so full sun should be avoided. Asplenium's will also grow in tight nooks and crannies and they are useful for planting on banks and slopes in an alkaline to neutral soil. It will tolerate dry shade but should be kept moist and mulched during the first season, to allow it to get established.

Hart's Tongue Fern will also do well in a container, provided it is in the shade and the soil is kept moist, perfect for creating interesting foliage and contrast on a patio or terrace setting.

Our Fern Collection is made up of quality specimen plants and are more mature and larger than those usually found for sale. Hart's Tongue Fern will grow to a Max Height and spread of 0.5-1 metre.
Overall Size: 40-50cm
Pot size: 5L
Diameter: 60-70cm
Price: £25.00