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Mahonia x Media Charity

Mahonia Media Charity - a low growing bushy shrub with leathery foliage unusually sharp at the ends.  Very useful as a 'security plant'.

Vibrant and highly attractive fragrant yellow flowers throughout Autumn and Winter in large clumps across the plant.

Copes equally well in full sun and partial shade. Also good in exposed sites as the leathery foliage is very tough in windy areas.

The bright colourful flowers attract wildlife and look particularly good in woodland settings or on contemporary rooftops.

Also known as Oregon Grape Charity

Overall Size: Plant shape: bushy upright shrub
Pot size: 35L
Price: £125.00

Rhaphiolepis indica Springtime - Indian Hawthorn

Raphiolepsis Indica Springtime is also known as Indian Hawthorn 'Pink Lady'.

Produces pofuse soft pink star shaped flowers which have a light scent in Springtime, followed by black berries, above lustrous evergreen foliage. These are sun loving plants and should be positioned against a south facing wall where it has protection from cold drying winds.

These specimens are shaped as elegant half standard (lollipop shaped) topiary trees.

More on Rhaphiolepis Pink Lady...


Overall Size: Plant shape: standard
Price: £95.00
Overall Size: Plant shape: standard
Trunk girth: 20-22cm
Pot size: 90L
Price: £395.00

Agapanthus Africanus Blue

Agapanthus Africanus plants have wonderfully large blue or white flowers during the early to late summer.  The flowers last for around 6-8 weeks and the foliage will last all year ie be evergreen in normal winters - in extreme winters the leaves die off.  Feed regularly during the growing season from April to September.  Mulch well to keep the soil warm over the winter months.  Work best in pots and don't mind being pot bound - but will also be happy in very well-draining soil particularly raised beds.

We also stock Agapanthus Africanus Albus - the white African Lily

Typically mediterranean Agapanthus look fabulous with Olive Trees and Bay Trees 

Overall Size: Plant shape: Bushy Blue - large min 3 flowers
Pot size: 15L
Price: £49.99

Cupressus Sempervirens - Italian Cypress

Italian Cypress Trees - latin name Cupressus Sempervirens is also sometimes known as the Mediterranean Cypress or the Tuscan Cypress.
No other tree epitomises the Tuscan landscape as this tall, narrow coniferous tree - its pencil shape is often used in Italianate garden design and in formal gardens around the world.
Cupressus Sempervirens is a beautiful evergreen upright conifer that is easy to grow in our UK climate, it is hardy and tolerates all conditions, grow it as a specimen tree in its own right or if a group are grown alongside each other it makes for an extremely effective, yet very elegant evergreen screen.

Please read more about Tuscan Cypress on our blog.

Overall Size: Pot size: 10L
Price: £50.00
Overall Size: Pot size: 30L
Price: £125.00
Overall Size: Pot size: 35L
Price: £165.00
Overall Size: Pot size: 45L
Price: £325.00 Sale price: £275.00
Overall Size: Plant shape: pencil like conifer
Pot size: 110L
Price: £495.00
Overall Size: Plant shape: Upright Pencil-Like
Pot size: 500L
Price: £1,595.00

Phormium Yellow Wave

Phormium Yellow Wave  is commonly known as the Flax Lily .
'Yellow Wave' is an evergreen perennial producing clumps of strappy variegated striped leaves that are vibrant green and bright yellow - it is hardy and will occasionally produce panicles of dark red flowers in summer.

Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit it can be grown in most aspects in well drained soils.
Overall Size: Pot size: 15L
Price: £19.50

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