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Rhaphiolepis indica Springtime - Indian Hawthorn

Raphiolepsis Indica Springtime is also known as Indian Hawthorn 'Pink Lady'.

Produces pofuse soft pink star shaped flowers which have a light scent in Springtime, followed by black berries, above lustrous evergreen foliage. These are sun loving plants and should be positioned against a south facing wall where it has protection from cold drying winds.

These specimens are shaped as elegant half standard (lollipop shaped) topiary trees.

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Overall Size: Plant shape: standard
Price: £95.00
Overall Size: Plant shape: standard
Trunk girth: 20-22cm
Pot size: 90L
Price: £395.00

Hydrangea Annabelle

This beautiful deciduos shrub with big clusters of white flowers and broadly oval leaves, can grow up to 3-4ft but can be pruned every year. Loves full sun or partial shade and well drained fertile humus rich soil. The flowers bloom from july to september. As autum progresses the dark green leaves turn soft yellow.

Overall Size: Plant shape: Bush
Pot size: 10L
Diameter: 50-70cm
Price: £49.50

Phormium Yellow Wave

Phormium Yellow Wave  is commonly known as the Flax Lily .
'Yellow Wave' is an evergreen perennial producing clumps of strappy variegated striped leaves that are vibrant green and bright yellow - it is hardy and will occasionally produce panicles of dark red flowers in summer.

Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit it can be grown in most aspects in well drained soils.
Overall Size: Pot size: 15L
Price: £19.50

Magnolia Butterflies

Magnolia Butterflies is a cross between Magnolia Acuminata and Magnolia Denudata to create a true yellow Magnolia. This beautiful specimen usally forms as a small tree, that has yellow, loosely star shaped, scented flowers that appear in March - April, well before the leaves form - giving a fabulous display.

Growing Tip: Magnolia Butterflies prefers a well drained acidic soil, can grow up to  4-5m tall and 4-5m wide. It will thrive in full sun or partial shade and is full hardy.

Overall Size: Plant shape: Multi-stemmed
Pot size: 15L
Diameter: 80-90cm
Price: £59.50

Hamamelis Mollis - Chinese Witch Hazel

Overall Size: Pot size: 18.5L
Diameter: 90-100cm
Price: £75.00

Acer Palmatum Butterfly

Acer Palmatum Butterfly has lots of tiny red flowers in spring which make a great contrast to the grey green leaves which are margined with salmon pink and white.

A compact and upright Japanese maple this is an ideal specimen tree for any sized garden. Will grow better in a shady position as the leaves can scorch in the summer.

Grow in Partial shade. Slow growing. It flowers April to May. Fully Hardy.


Overall Size: Plant shape: Single Stem
Pot size: 75L
Diameter: 170-220cm
Price: £345.00

Clematis Dark Eyes

Clematis Dark Eyes has lovely deep purple flowers. It will flower from mid summer to early autumn. Clematis Dark Eyes is a great companion plant to trachelospernum jasminoides.

Clematis prefer open sunny positions and plenty of space to climb and sprawl. Try to shade the roots from strong sun.

Overall Size: Plant shape: climbing up a bamboo cane
Pot size: 6L
Price: £45.00

Olive Trees - Large Bonsai Style

Bonsai Olive Trees - these unique small olive trees would look fantastic on a roof terrace or patio.  Small Trees only about 1m height (excluding height of pot) but capable of making an impression on a small patio.  

Suitable for bonsai lovers who want a larger specimen olive tree.  These trees are around 20 years of age with a thick gnarled trunk.

Loves sunny patio or roof terraces.  Copes well in windy but warmish conditions.

Overall Size: Plant shape: bonsai
Pot size: 90L
Price: £995.00

Camellia Angela Cocchi

A very interesting and unusual evergreen shrub grown for its lush glossy foliage and the amazing array of different coloured flowers ranging from pale pink through dark pink and lots of variation in between. Capable of growing to over 2 metres high. As with all camellias can easily be trimmed into your desired size.

Grow this in a sunny or part sunny position with acidic soil being essential. Can be grown in a pot. 

Overall Size: Plant shape: Bush
Pot size: 12L
Diameter: 40-50cm
Price: £65.00

Abies Concolor - White Pine

Abies Concolor - The White Pine

This beautiful conifer with silvery blue glaucous foliage is native to the mountains of western North America.

The Concolor Fir is often used as a christmas tree in America.  

Large growing tree can reach heights eventually of 25m but can be pruned to keep at any height.


Overall Size: Pot size: 130L
Price: £295.00

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