Japanese Garden History in Britain

2023-11-14T15:46:16+00:00By Paramount Plants|Japanese Gardens|

Japanese Gardens In Britain Japanese-style gardens have been admired for over a hundred years in the UK. In terms of British garden history,  they’re relative newcomers that only really gained a popular foothold after the British-Japanese exhibition of 1910 when the general public was able to see Japanese life first-hand [...]

Winkworth Arboretum – Painting A Picture With Plants

2022-11-08T15:49:18+00:00By Paramount Plants|Garden Inspiration & Ideas|

Winkworth Arboretum located in Godalming, Surrey is a stunning 130-acre landscaped woodland of rare and unusual trees created by the visionary Dr Wilfred Fox. It’s the National Trust’s only arboretum and welcomes over 100,000 visitors annually. The arboretum blazes with colour throughout the year. It’s a masterclass in using seasonal [...]

All About Perennials – And Why Your Garden Needs Them

2022-09-27T10:46:23+00:00By Paramount Plants|Flowering Plants|

Are you wondering what perennials are and how they differ from biennials or even annuals? Where does that leave woody perennials? You’re not alone!  Plants are classified into various groups to describe their lifecycle and it can get confusing. The most commonly known plant groups are evergreens, perennials, biennials and [...]

Find Your Avant-Garde Inspiration At Charleston House and Gardens

2024-02-09T18:16:37+00:00By Paramount Plants|Garden Inspiration & Ideas|

Charleston House and Gardens are located near the pretty town of Lewes, in the heart of the Sussex countryside. It opened to the public in 1986 under the care of the Charleston Trust after Duncan Grant’s death in 1978. Charleston is well-known as a place the Bloomsbury Group, a group [...]

How To Create A Dog Friendly Garden

2021-10-19T18:07:07+00:00By Paramount Plants|Gardening Questions & Answers|

Whether you’re a long-term dog owner or you’ve recently welcomed a curious young puppy, you'll want to create a dog friendly garden. We all recognise a safe outdoor space to entertain them is important.  But what if you’re green fingered and love your plants – can the garden suit you [...]

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