Autumn Fruit Tree Care: 5 Things Every Gardener Should Know


The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of autumn is surely the splendid bounty of nature; from magnificent autumn colour of the foliage to abundant harvests of fruits.


Proper apple tree care will lead to more abundant harvest and healthier plants.
With the right fruit tree care methods, you can always expect a bumper harvest. Pick cultivars such as Malus Domestica Elise or Malus Domestica Gloster for a crop of red-flushed, juicy apples.


But, in addition to being the season when gardeners get to enjoy the rewards of their hard work, autumn is the time of the year when you need to pay special attention to fruit tree care. One of the most important parts of that process should be preparing your garden for the winter months. Read more Autumn Fruit Tree Care: 5 Things Every Gardener Should Know

5 Best Uses for Autumn Fruits and Berries

In addition to being the most colourful season of the year, autumn is the most bountiful, as well. From veggies to autumn fruits and berries, it can be a challenge to use up everything your garden produces as the summer ends. Naturally, you would not want to see your harvest going to waste after all that effort you put into your plants!

Plum Victoria is one of the most popular autumn fruits for preserves.
Plums are a favourite for making all types of preserves, such as this sweet and juicy Victoria variety.

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Topiary in Perspective

You might think of topiary plants as uniquely British, but, in fact, the art of training living green sculptures first became popular in the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. Historical sources can confirm that topiary art was particularly popular in ancient Rome. It was a close friend of Julius Caesar who reintroduced the noble craft of training shrubs into intricate forms, creating a new gardening trend in the empire. Not long after, the ancient capital was teeming with scenes of the hunt such as elaborate animal figures and geometrical shapes, all sculpted out of evergreens.


Topiary art has been practiced since ancient Rome.
While Topiary may have become one of the most distinct marks of English gardens, this art form originates from ancient Rome.

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Euonymus: Spindle Tree Varieties and How to Use Them

Euonymus, which is more commonly known as Spindle or Spindle Tree, is a large family of dwarf shrubs, small trees, and creepers which can be deciduous or evergreen. There are 175 species in this family, all of whom are treasured for their attractive foliage, and, in some cases, interesting fruit and seed pods.


Euonymus varieties can be evergreen and deciduous, but in both cases, they boast attractive foliage.
Spindle might be best known for the pretty variegated foliage, such as that of Japanese Spindle Bush Bravo (pictured here).

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