Plants For Coastal Gardens

Plants For Coastal Gardens

Seaside and coastlines are often seen as synonymous with a windy and salt ridden climate where only the hardiest plant specimens can survive and the question is often posed to those of us working in the horticultural industry “What plants, shrubs and trees would be suitable? I live on the coast or near the sea”. As my recent travels have taught me – the answer to this ubiquitous question is not as bleak as we often think.

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Interesting Colour Combinations

One of the most interesting discoveries I made on a recent seaside walk was with the abundance of healthy, strong Prunus Serrulata trees. A delicate, deciduous variety of the flowering Cherry tree, it was pleasing to see how it not only survived but positively thrived in coastal conditions. The mahogany stems of this flowering Cherry would be a good complimentary specimen to the more typical well known coastal plants, such as the Olea Europea (Olive Trees) and Elaeagnus (Oleaster).

Eleagnus hedging plants for coastal gardens. Buy online UK

Alternatively, one could forego the more contemporary look of Olive trees, often applied throughout coastal areas and seek a more unusual yet sublime combination of the flowering Cherry, Prunus Serrulata and Grisselinia Litoralis, the New Zealand Privet which is more commonly found on walks along the Coast.

The cascade of dark red from the Prunus Cherry tree and the vivid green from the Grisselinia would work fantastically, with the Privet providing a lower, dense hedge whilst the Cherry with its maximum height of around 6 metres giving the size and look needed to make it a potential focus point of any Coastal landscape. Although both these specimens are non-natives there is a quintessentially English look to this colour combination, more commonly found in home counties gardens.  Yet, this look can be equally beautiful in Britain’s harshest, coastal areas.

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Perennial Plants For Coastal Gardens

With this said, it often seems that people continue to have their doubts on the capacity of perennials to withstand the harsh Coastal climate. Derived perhaps, from the belief that ‘big’ equals ‘hardy’ and therefore the smaller varieties are less tolerant. My coastal adventures soon convinced me otherwise, with an array of strikingly colourful Agapanthus Blue, taking centre-stage of many sloping garden beds, whilst the sought after Elaeagnus, remained neatly pruned in the background. Eleagnus providing the much needed coverage and allowing the beautiful flower spikes of the Agapanthus make the most of its prime positioning.

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Another interesting and less common coastal perennial is Perovskia or Russian Sage, more commonly found in the steppes of Central Asia.

Perovski Russian sage plants for coastal gardens, for sale online UK

The stunning blue flowers and silver foliage add softness to your perennial border planting.  Silver and blue is a combination often found in seaside areas. Silver leaves can often possess a resistance to salt and have water retaining properties for drought resistance. Read more suggestions for silver leaved plants on our recent blog post.
Many coastal Mediterranean specimen plants will grow beautifully in the UK climate, look for inspirational planting on your summer holiday can very often be translated to the UK by using the right plants. Try Stone Pine, Pittosporum Tobira for hedging, Bay Laurel and Rosemary.

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Architectural Plants For Coastal Gardens

If you prefer a more architectural look in your Coastal or Windy Garden then our recommendations for structure would be Phormiums, Cordylines, Yuccas and Chamaerops Humilis.  All these plants will give add interest and impact and the “Wow Factor” and will look stunning, even during the winter months.

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We hope these suggestions for coastal planting will inspire you especially if you live in a difficult, windy location, there are many different plants that can be used to create spectacular results.

Beautiful, Ancient Old Olive Trees!

old olive trees for sale uk
Old Olive Trees at the Plant Centre


Take a look at these magnificently ancient and gnarled old olive trees that recently arrived in our North London plant centre. Their beauty and immense presence almost stops you in your tracks. Even for us, specialising as we do in larger trees and plants, these majestic old olive trees give a whole new meaning to the term mature trees.

Anywhere between 70 and 100 years old, these ancient old olive trees are striking ornamental trees.  If you have a Mediterranean themed garden, one of these could make an inspirational focal point. They can grow happily in containers or in the ground. With trunk girths of at least 1 metre, they are still not overly tall. We call this the large bonsai style due to the stocky trunks. The smaller sizes in particular are good for smaller gardens.

These old olive trees are hardy and long lived. Many may not know it but olive trees have really long lives, with several examples of 3,000 year old olive trees alive and well in Italy today. I like to imagine these ancient old things have spent the first part of their lives working hard, producing massive crops of olives year in year out. With that part of their lives behind them, they could happily make themselves at home in a nice sunny position in a British garden, ideally with a little shelter from the harshest of our winter weather. There they can settle in, continue their slow growth and lend their natural gnarled beauty to their immediate surroundings.

Prices range from GBP 495! We deliver to all of the UK as well as to the Republic of Ireland.

If it’s something smaller you are after, take a look our somewhat younger olive trees here.
We also have olive trees over 3 metres tall in a full standard shape.

Mature Old Olive Trees for Sale UK
Mature Old Olive Trees for Sale UK
Mature Olive Trees for Sale UK & IRL
Mature Olive Trees for Sale UK & IRL
These very old olive trees will look fantastic planted in the ground or in a container as a decorative ornamental focal point
These very old olive trees will look fantastic planted in the ground or in a container as a decorative ornamental focal point

Blue Flowering Perennials

Our Top Choices For Blue Flowering Perennials

The colour blue is a relative rarity in horticulture. Its complementary colour combination with greens, plus elegant contrast with whites make blue flowering perennials one of the most popular choices for a single or dual colour palette for garden designers. There is something about the connection with the blue sky and the surrounding myriad of greens in foliage that make blue flowers coveted, sought after and desired.

From the palest sky blues , through French Navy and shades of purple blue. This most regal of colours is one of our most popular requests by customers choosing perennials for the garden border. Here we reveal a few of our own favourites, as a source of inspiration, for choosing blue flowering perennials for your own garden…

Agapanthus – African Lily

Agapanthus Africanus Blue and Agapanthus Blue Storm
These African lilies are real sun lovers and very elegant when planted en masse in the border. They will also thrive in pots, their lofty flower heads tower above lush mounds of green foliage.

Blue Flowering Agapanthus, for sale online UK
Blue Flowering Agapanthus – tall flower spikes, loves to be grown in full sun.

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Photinia Hedging Special Offer

Photinia Red Robin is one of our best selling plants as a choice for hedging. Evergreen with luscious leathery leaves, flowers that are a magnet for wildlife and dense foliage are a winning combination. In early Spring, the new shoots are a vibrant orange-red colour which gradually change to a vibrant green as the leaves age. By the end of the season the leaves have become a beautiful bronze-green. Read more Photinia Hedging Special Offer