Evergreen Hedges in Troughs & Screening Troughs

Evergreen hedges add ornamental value to your property, protect your privacy, shelter more sensitive plants in the garden, offer safety and sustenance to wildlife and much, much more. The only downside to them is that you have to wait for a dense evergreen screen to form – unless you rely on instant hedges! With our hedging troughs, you get an instant hedge screen in your garden without having to wait for years before it looks stunning.

This Photinia instant hedge screen is already clipped to a height of 1 metre.
Instant Photinia in troughs makes for a fantastic ready-made hedge.
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Choosing the Best Willow Tree Varieties for UK Gardens: Expert Tips on Care

Willows form the numerous and diverse genus Salix, which consists of over 400 species of deciduous shrubs and trees. Willow tree varieties come in many shapes and forms, from tiny creeping alpine willows through to stunning weeping willow trees. While their looks and origin might vary, most willows (except alpine varieties) thrive in damp conditions and feel at home in water meadows, wetlands, and riverbanks.

Weeping willow trees thrive in damp and boggy conditions.
Weeping willow trees flourish in moist soils. Their drooping branches and attractive growth habit make them the most distinct group of the species.
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Pleached Trees – Planting & Care

Pleached trees are an elegant and simple way of creating a formal looking hedge above the fence line without taking up too much space.
Pleached trees are trees which have been specially trained across a framework.  They create an effective and attractive contemporary screen as they are slimmer than normal free forming trees and so work well in gardens where a neat hedge above the fence-line is necessary.
Maintenance is minimal, just regular watering and pruning them a couple of times a year.
Paramount Plants are a leading UK plant centre specialising in the supply of Pleached and Full Standard Screening Trees and many other ideas for Trees and Shrubs to create screening.

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Planting Tips

With plants you need to be consistent – pick a day each week when you inspect your plants, weed the beds, feed the plants and water them (normally when you mow your lawn each week). Putting in a few hours each month during the growing period (April to September) will go a long way to ensuring the plants survive and prosper in your garden. BE REALISTIC – If you do not think you are able to put in the commitment then hire a gardener to do this for you.

Planting tips for new plants in your garden. Mulching, feeding and watering your plants
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