Summer Flowering Plants and Trees – Birthday & Gift Ideas

There are many excellent choices of summer flowering plants & trees which put on a magnificent show in June, July and August. Whether for your own garden or giving as a special gift, you can choose specimens which will reliably bloom during the long balmy summer months! Clients often ask us what plants [...]

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Spring Flowering Plants and Trees – Birthday Gift Ideas

It is always a delight when spring returns brightening our lives with spring flowering plants. As the days lengthen and the temperatures start to warm, many of the most beautiful flowering trees and shrubs spring to life. It is possible through judicious selection to have a blooming specimen at all [...]

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Plants For A Silver Wedding Anniversary

Why Choose Plants For A Silver Wedding Anniversary Gift? Giving plants as gifts is one of our most popular requests here at Paramount Plants and 'Silver Weddings' are up there in the popularity stakes for special occasions where plants, shrubs and trees provide the perfect expression of love and friendship. After all, when [...]

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Topiary Spirals

There is something very enticing about a pair of topiary spirals standing sentinel by an entrance, marking a pathway in the garden or gracing a roof terrace. The ultimate architectural plants, topiary spirals add a decorative twist to your outside space wherever you may place them. Contrary to their striking [...]

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Beautiful Dwarf Olive Tree, 20 years old

The latest crop of Mature European Dwarf Olive Trees have just arrived in our North London garden centre and they are fast becoming the star attractions. With their unusual garden bonsai type shape, they are absolutely gorgeous and will instantly transform any garden, patio or terrace. They are equally happy [...]

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