Our Top Plants for Christmas Gifts This Year

Tis The Season – Blooming Great Plants for Christmas Gifts Are you wondering what plant presents you could give this year? Gardeners love receiving plants for Christmas gifts but sadly the majority of plants aren’t looking their best at this time of year! Although keen plant lovers will know that [...]

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Skimmia Evergreen Shrubs for Winter Interest in the Garden

Why you should consider planting Skimmia Evergreen Shrubs in your garden... Attractive evergreen and easy to grow Skimmia's are stalwarts when it comes to providing interest in the Autumn and Winter when you need it most. Skimmia Evergreen Shrubs: Bright Red Winter Berries of Skimmia Obsession Summer displays [...]

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Plant Gift Ideas & Suggestions For Christmas (Or Special Occasions)

 by Karen Mariconda It’s Christmas time yet again and we have to decide what presents to buy for our loved ones. Not an easy decision particularly for those who say 'don’t get me anything at all!'  An unusual and different present would be a tree or shrub that, if nurtured, [...]

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