Read our tips and learn what you need for creating a Japanese Garden. We also cover plants suited for Japanese Gardens, Japanese-style inspiration and showcasing Japanese gardens. Don’t forget to read Ramon’s Story.

Japanese Garden History in Britain

Japanese Gardens In Britain Japanese-style gardens have been admired for over a hundred years in the UK. In terms of British garden history,  they’re relative newcomers that only really gained a popular foothold after the British-Japanese exhibition of 1910 when the general public was able to see Japanese life first-hand [...]

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Plants for Japanese Gardens – a summer perspective!

In summer a Japanese garden is a haven of cool & calm, offering shade and dappled sunlight in a balanced and structured landscape. Add to this the soothing sound of running water (a typical feature in Japanese gardens), a splash of colour, some well-placed topiary and the effect is complete.  [...]

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014 – our favourite garden…

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014 We visit the RHS Chelsea Flower Show every year and this year did not disappoint…there are always surprising new plants and design ideas and it was good to see the main avenue being made more accessible for new and up and coming designers this year. [...]

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3 Key Concepts to incorporate in Designing a Japanese Garden

Japanese gardens create miniature idealised landscapes, often in a highly abstract and stylised way. Designing a Japanese Garden is all about balance, space and nature. The design should fit your garden, rather than trying to make your garden fit a rigid design. Designing a Japanese Garden So, if [...]

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Creating a Japanese garden – Ramon’s story

In this post, we talk you through the steps involved in creating a Japanese garden. We focus on plants suitable for Japanese Gardens such as Japanese Acers, Azaleas, Bamboo, Cloud Trees, Japanese Camellias and Pine Trees. We begin with creating a Japanese Garden from scratch and we have been lucky [...]

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