Our Climbing section has lots of useful information about climbing plants including rambling v climbing roses, varieties of wisteria, clematis and lots more.

Virginia Creeper – Parthenocissus Quinquefolia Troki

SPOTLIGHT on Virginia Creeper Red Wall Troki - also known as Parthenocissus Quinquefolia Troki Climbing plants can be divided into many sub-sections and one common way of differentiating them is by their method of climbing. Here we're focussing on the creepers - these have their own way of clinging on [...]

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Vertical Accent: Climbers and how best to use them

Flowering Jasmine - one of the best loved scented climbers Climbers are the original vertical garden. They create a wall of green in a most space-efficient manner and generally don’t require much maintenance. Climbers will happily grow against fences and walls, along trellises, over buildings as well as [...]

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