We have written lots about the best flowering trees and shrubs. So, you will find this archive has well over 50 articles on a range of topics to do with flowering plants. Discover Tamarix, an ancient heritage flowering shrub. Learn which varieties of Butterfly Bush are best for you. Philadelphus Mock Orange – which one to choose? Hibiscus Syriacus Rose of Sharon Varieties – flowering August to October. Find blue-flowering perennials and yellow magnolias.

We also cover some fascinating plant history – learn how camellias first came to Britain. Discover the adventurous Plant Hunters of the 1800s and lots more.

All About Perennials – And Why Your Garden Needs Them

Are you wondering what perennials are and how they differ from biennials or even annuals? Where does that leave woody perennials? You’re not alone!  Plants are classified into various groups to describe their lifecycle and it can get confusing. The most commonly known plant groups are evergreens, perennials, biennials and [...]

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Why Everyone Should Grow Lagerstroemia or Crape Myrtle

Do you know what Lagerstroemia (pronounced lay-ger-stro-mia) is? If so you’re one of the exulted few! The rest of us know it as Crape Myrtle – or sometimes Crepe Myrtle.  It’s not hard to figure out why this common name has stuck. It’s because the petals are crinkled and have [...]

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Spring Flowering Trees for UK Gardens: 10 Showiest Varieties

Cercis Redbud - flowering in Spring time Nothing says spring more than masses of lovely blossoms in your garden and the scent of flowers in the air. After months of dreadful weather and little colour in the landscape, spring is the time when certain flowering trees are at [...]

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All About Tamarix: Characteristics, History, Uses

Tamarix is a highly decorative deciduous shrub that is best known for its feathery foliage and masses of tiny blossoms. In addition to its ornamental value, this ancient cultivar is also prized for its exceptional resilience.   Pink flowering Tamarix – perfect for coastal planting […]

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Low-Maintenance Flowering Shrubs: Weigela Varieties for Sale

Weigela, a deciduous flowering shrub that was most in demand during the Victorian times, is making a comeback to the United Kingdom’s gardens. Weigela’s renewed popularity is not surprising, though, as this showy shrub offers interests throughout the seasons and asks almost no special care in return. The old-fashioned [...]

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Planting Buddleia: Best Butterfly Bush Varieties to Grow in the UK

Buddleia is one of the most popular summer flowering shrubs in the United Kingdom, and with a good reason. This fast-growing, low-maintenance shrub blooms late in the summer, its masses of showy flowers adding colour to the garden when the flowering season of most bushes has ended. Buddleia variety [...]

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