Weigela, a deciduous flowering shrub that was most in demand during the Victorian times, is making a comeback to the United Kingdom’s gardens. Weigela’s renewed popularity is not surprising, though, as this showy shrub offers interests throughout the seasons and asks almost no special care in return.

Weigela Eve Rathke has been a favourite in English gardens since the Victorian times.

The old-fashioned Weigela Eve Rathke is still one of the most cherished varieties of this flowering shrub.

And it is not only old-fashioned Weigela that is a favourite with British gardeners. Nowadays, many varieties of the lovely shrub are grown not only for their charming summer blossoms but for their interesting foliage as well. You can use these compact shrubs as foundation plants, grow them in containers to add interest to patios and balconies or even as specimens: there really are no limits when you are landscaping with this charming shrub. And not only that Weigelas are now more versatile than ever, but these hardy shrubs are suitable for beginners and gardening experts alike!

Weigela Care and Pruning

This low-maintenance specimen shrub is easy to grow and to care for. Weigelas will do well in almost any conditions and soil types, as long as you plant them in full sun. However, to ensure this compact shrub thrives in your garden, choose well-drained soils that are rich in nutrients.

The natural growth habit of this flowering shrub is elegant and attractive, which is why you will not have to shape or trim this shrub to achieve a neat appearance. On the other hand, gardening experts recommend routine pruning to keep the plant healthy and encourage prolific blooming. As early-flowering deciduous shrubs, Weigelas should be pruned immediately after its blossoms fade. Cut back any dead or damaged branches and remove any excess shoots that would lead to congestion. If necessary, you can hard prune your Weigelas: these shrubs respond well to rejuvenation.

Weigela Varieties for Sale UK

All of the Weigelas we have for sale are fully hardy in the United Kingdom. They are available in various sizes & maturities.

Weigela Red Prince

An all-around reliable performer, Weigela Red Prince is in demand for its masses of scarlet blossoms. The intense colour of the flowers remains vibrant throughout the flowering season, which is rarely the case for flowering shrubs. Maximum of the shrub size does not exceed 1.5 metres in both height and spread. This beautiful variety also won the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Weigela in Autumn

Weigela Autumn Colour

Weigela le Printemps

Pretty pinkish bell-shaped summer blossoms in spring on attractive green foliage. Staying compact as it matures, this deciduous shrub will grow up to 1 metre in size.

Weigela Eva Rathke

The old-fashioned Weigela Eva Rathke is still one of the most sought-after varieties. And with good reason, as its brilliant crimson flowers are unusually striking and long-lasting. The first, more abundant, flowering is during May and June, but it is sometimes repeated. This variety can bloom once again later in the summer, though admittedly less profuse. In maturity, this flowering shrub is around 1.5 metres tall and wide. Suitable for coastal, city, and country gardens.

Weigela Florida Purpurea

With its deep pink funnel-shaped blossoms and purple foliage, Weigela Foliis Purpureis is a welcome burst of colour in the garden. This low-growing shrub is an excellent choice for containers, as it will reach only half a metre to 1 metre in size. Use it to add interest to rooftop gardens, balconies or patios. For its outstanding qualities, this cultivar won the coveted RHS Award of Garden Merit.


Weigela Purpurea and Rosea are the most popular pink-flowering varieties.

Weigela Florida Purpurea (left) and Weigela Rosea (right) boast lovely pink blossoms in the summer.


Weigela Rosea

This is one of the first varieties to be imported to Europe from its native country Japan. Even now, this old-fashioned Weigela continues to charm British gardeners with its robust nature and romantic appearance. Throughout the summer months, Weigela Rosea is enveloped by countless pink tubular blossoms that invite pollinators to your garden. Maximum established size is approximately 2 metres in height and spread.

Also of note are the varieties Weigela Florida All Summer Monet,  a small, deciduous variegated weigela variety with dark pink flowers in summer. And Weigela Bristol Ruby for its striking trumpet-shaped dark red flowers. Both varieties have Perfect for Pollinators badges!

Weigela is a classic beauty, and it will seamlessly fit in any garden. All of the varieties we offer for sale have a good track record in the United Kingdom, and they will thrive when given the basic care.

In case you have any question about Weigela varieties or need help to choose the right one for your garden, feel free to contact us via email or live chat- we would love to help you.

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