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Deciduous Trees

Long-lived and stately, Deciduous Trees provide the backdrop to our gardens, the focal point of our landscapes and homes to our precious wildlife. Their foliage gives us shade in the warmer months of the year while allowing the sunlight through in the winter. Most deciduous trees have stunning autumn colour. The leaves burn and dazzle in a hues of red, orange and gold before falling to the ground.

Trees are the lungs of the earth releasing oxygen, transpiring moisture and purifying the atmosphere by capturing miniscule particles. We believe where possible every garden should have at least one tree. You will find deciduous trees, particularly deciduous native trees, extremely versatile coming in a wide range of sizes. There are small trees for small gardens and large trees for shade. Trees can be flowering and fruiting adding significant ornamental interest such as our beautiful native Wild Cherry tree Prunus Avium or Malus Sylvestris our native Crab Apple. Either of these are an ideal tree for smaller gardens. For those of us with larger spaces to fill, it is hard to resist the magnificence of the native English Oak Quercus Robur, perhaps the most loved of all our UK native deciduous trees. If you have a smaller space, Blackthorn (Prunus Spinose), Hawthorn (Crataegus Monogyna) and Spindle Tree (Euonymus Europaea) are good choices as they won’t get overly large. If it’s an interesting ornamental bark you are after, then white trunked Silver Birch (Betula Pendula) is a possibility as is the closely related Betula Jacquemontii

Deciduous trees native to the British Isles include various varieties of Beech, Birch, Ash, Whitebeam, Hornbeam, Hazel & Willow. See the Woodland Trust guide for a full list of native British trees.

All our deciduous trees, whether native or more exotic such as the Prunus Serrulata Kanzan from far flung Japan are available to buy online. We deliver throughout the UK and Ireland. You can also visit our plant centre in Crews Hill. See also Mature Trees and Evergreen Screening Trees.


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