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Unique Living Topiary Sculptures in Contemporary Shapes

These striking plant forms are living topiary plant sculptures, mainly formed over many years using the evergreen shrub Ligustrum Jonandrum, a small-leaved variety of privet very resistant to pests and diseases. These topiary sculptures are not artificial – think of them as unique living sculptures. They are sizable statement plants sure to make an instant impact. These mature topiary pieces represent a range of shapes from iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower Topiary to sporting golfer or equestrian topiary to the very popular animal topiary – from the horse & rider to the mythical dinosaur. For those special occasions, take a look at our topiary hearts and topiary wedding cake.

All our Topiary Sculptures are grown on a frame. They are very easy to keep in shape by trimming them twice a year in spring and again in late summer. In particularly exposed areas, they may be some leave lose during winter, which can give rise sometimes to bare patches. However, this will grow back lushly again in the spring.

These contemporary specimen shapes differ from the more classic topiary shapes such as globes, cones, spirals, pom poms and lollipops. See also our range of specimen Cloud Trees.

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