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Bare Root Trees

Bare Root Season Starts November 2023

Tree stocks available as Bare Root trees, these are trees that have been grown naturally in the open grown in fields. Once winter sets in, the plants, usually deciduous, enter a dormant or inactive phase, only to remerge as actively growing plants again in the spring.
It is while they are in this dormant phase that bare root trees are carefully lifted from the ground and the soil washed clean from the roots. As the trees are dormant, lifting them in this way causes the least stress to the plant.

Preparing your Bare Root trees for planting, soak the root base in a bucket of water for 30 minutes. Then just plant in the ground as normal. Make sure to plant your bare root trees before the growing season begins again.
Watch our video guide on How To Plant A Bare Root Tree

High Quality Bare Root Plants

Our bare root trees and hedging plants are established mature plants with robust and developed root systems.

These are the best quality bare root plants available and are expected to thrive and grow quickly, once planted.

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Aesculus Carnea Briotti, Red Horse Chestnut Briotti, large deciduous flowering tree with panicles of red flowers (hence red horse chestnut) in late spring Aesculus Carnea Briotii Red Horse Chestnut
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Cotoneaster Lucidus Hedge or Peking Cotoneaster is often used for hedging due to upright growth habit Cotoneaster Lucidus
Liquidambar Styraciflua Palo Alto Sweet Gum, very striking autumn colour Liquidambar Styraciflua Palo Alto Sweet Gum
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Sophora Japonica Regent or Japanese Pagoda Regent glossy green leaves & scented white flowers Sophora Japonica Regent Japanese Pagoda
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Spiraea Betulifolia Tor Birchleaf Spiraea, a low-growing deciduous shrub with fragrant white flowers in late spring Spiraea Betulifolia Tor Birchleaf Spirea
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Weeping Silver Birch, Specimen Trees, full standard trees with clear stems. Weeping Silver Birch Tree - Full Standard
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Yew or Taxus Hedging Plants  for sale in London and online with nationwide delivery UK Yew Hedging Rootballs

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