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Succulents & Spiky

Hardy Succulents suitable for Growing in the UK

At Paramount Nurseries, succulents specialists, we have a range of hardy succulents and spiky plants for sale.

Succulent plants evolved as a response to a shortage of water. Succulents store water and moisture either in their leaves (leaf succulents)  and /or their stems (stem succulents). In some cases, they store water in their fleshy roots. Examples of leaf succulents include Agave Americana. Examples of stem succulent plants include most cacti.

Succulents are often used in arid / desert garden designs due to their drought resistant qualities. Succulents and ‘spikys’ offer significant architectural interest in garden design.

Spiky plants like hot and dry environments and have big foliage and sword shaped leaves – like Yucca plants.

Due to their striking shapes and coloured foliage, these spiky plants are mainly grown for their architectural qualities and sought after for garden design.

Both succulents and spiky plants grow well in pots and containers.

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Agave Americana, Succulents, UK Agave Americana
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Variegated Agave Americana Variegata Agave Americana Variegata Century Plant
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Aloe Vera Plants to Buy Online with UK delivery Aloe Vera
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Dasylirion Serratifolium, Spiky and Succulents, UK Dasylirion serratifolium
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Phormium Bronze Baby Flax Lily Ornamental Grass Phormium Bronze Baby Flax Lily
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Phormium Tenax Pink Stripe New Zealand Flax Phormium Tenax Pink Stripe New Zealand Flax
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Sedum Spectabile Autumn Joy  Stonecrop Sedum Spectabile Autumn Joy Stonecrop
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Senecio Candicans Angel Wings Ragwort Senecio Candicans Angel Wings - Ragwort Angel Wings
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Yucca Gloriosa, an evergreen, hardy succulent Yucca Yucca Gloriosa
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Yucca Rostrata Blue Swan for sale at hardy exotics specialist Paramount Plants and Gardens. We sell online. Yucca Rostrata Blue Swan

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