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Hardy Palms For The UK Climate

As specialists in exotic plants, we have a wealth of experience in growing and planting hardy tropical plants and exotic hardy palm trees which thrive in UK weather conditions. Evergreen palm trees are architecturally beautiful plants with striking foliage which adds an exotic dimension to the English garden. We select our palm trees specifically for their hardiness and suitability to the British climate. Examples include hardy trachycarpus wagnerianus (the miniature Chusan palm), cordyline australis (the dramatic purple New Zealand cabbage palm and chaemerops humilis (the popular blue Mediterranean fan palm).
Our wide selection of these exotic hardy palms comes in a variety of sizes from small to large. Our range of Butia Capitata or Pindo Palm, the world’s hardiest feather palm, is available in sizes from 1 metre to 3.5 metres.
You can purchase our Trachycarpus Fortunei palms - also known as the Chusan Palm, Windmill Palm or Chinese Windmill Palm from as little as 75 cm to up heights of 4 metres.
Consider also hardy Yucca plants such as the stunning Yucca Rostrata Blue Swan which can add tropical structure to the garden while being very hardy. It is very often used in contemporary garden designs due to the clean architectural shape. Take a look also at Yucca Gloriosa and Yucca Thompsoniana which are other varieties of hardy yucca plants we have in stock in many sizes.
Contact us with your enquiry – we are happy to advise.

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Butia Capitata, hardy palms specialist nursery, London. Paramount, specialist London garden centre and online UK. Butia Capitata - the Pindo Palm
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Chamaerops Humilis Cerifera, Hardy Palms UK Chamaerops Humilis Cerifera Palm Tree
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Chamaerops Humilis, Palm Trees, London Paramount Plants and Gardens, UK. Paramount, specialist London garden centre and online shop, UK Chamaerops Humilis Palm Tree
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Chamaerops Humilis Vulcano is also known Dwarf Mediterranean Fan Palm Buy UK delivery. Chamaerops Humilis Vulcano
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Cordyline Australis, hardy palms, palm tree specialists, Paramount Plants and Gardens,  Palm Trees London Cordyline Australis
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Cordyline Australis is Multistemmed and also known as New Zealand Cabbage Tree buy from Hardy Palm Specialist Nursery, London Cordyline Australis Multistem
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Purple New Zealand Cabbage Palm for sale at Hardy palm specialist nursery Paramount Plants, UK. We also sell online. Cordyline Australis Purpureum
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Phoenix Canariensis is also known as the Canary Island Date Palm, hardy palms for Sale Online UK Delivery. Phoenix Canariensis
Hardy Palm Trachycarpus Fortunei or Chusan Palm, is available in several sizes from 1 meter to large palm trees of 4 metres.  Paramount Plants and Gardens, Palm Tree Specialists. Trachycarpus Fortunei - Chusan Palm
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Yucca Rostrata Blue Swan for sale at hardy exotics specialist Paramount Plants and Gardens. We sell online. Yucca Rostrata Blue Swan

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