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Pots & Containers

Our Collection of Planters

Here you will find our containers and pots collection all in one place. We have a wide range to choose from. See also Plants Suitaible for Growing in Pots and Containers.

Plant pots and plant containers are an integral part of most gardens, patios and terraces. When choosing containers for planting, always make sure that they have drainage holes – otherwise there is a risk that the roots will rot.

Containers are an excellent way to grow shrubs, flowers and herbs if you don’t have a large space or you struggle to reach ground level. Container grown plants can be used to brighten patios, decking, doorsteps, balconies and in the flower border to create height. Lightweight containers are the best choice for balconies. Use terracotta sparingly if there’s a weight limit on your balcony as it tends to weigh more than other materials.

Containers are excellent for plants that need specific growing conditions such as ericaceous (acid based) soil for rhododendrons and azaleas. Tender, heat loving plants can be moved around the garden into sun pockets as the year progresses. Growing semi-hardy plants in a pot means that you can bring the plant indoors for overwintering.

You also need to remember that plants in pots do need careful watering as they tend to dry out faster than plants in the ground, particularly in the summer. So, be sure to regularly water and feed container grown plants even if it rains. 

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Charles Taylor Wooden Trough Wooden Troughs
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Charlecote terracotta planter in charcoal colour - buy online UK Charlecote Terracotta Planter Charcoal
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Fargesia Obelisk is also known as Umbrella Bamboo and Fargesia Nitida Obelisk, buy Bamboo UK delivery. Fargesia Obelisk (Fargesia murieliae x Fargesia nitida) Bamboo
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Charles Taylor Kensington Planter Troughs with Trellis Kensington Planter Troughs with Trellis
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Rectangular Oak Planters Rectangular Oak Planters
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Tall Oak Garden Planters Tall Oak Garden Planters

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