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Reviews and Recommendations

Simon 04.11.2021 12:27:28
it looks like a wonderful plant but what colours will it turn in the autumn in our maritime climate in Cornwall?
Rosalyn 08.10.2021 17:43:28
This was a gift for our daughter-in-law, and was delivered directly to her. She was very pleased with the hydrangea - a strong, healthy specimen.
Sarah 01.08.2021 07:35:26
Arrived in great condition with lots of foliage. Love them! I also bought wooden stakes - definitely needed.
Perry 23.07.2021 16:52:43
An unusual, strong and beautifully coloured plant that looks majestic in my front garden and will do in the homes of everyone fortunate to have purchased one Looking forwards to the changes and growth of the next number of years and really happy to have this significant addition to our collection
Simon 03.07.2021 20:24:37
Bought 10 of these at about 1.8M tall to create something of an instant hedge. Staff were knowledgeable and helpful. Delivered towards the end of the time frame that I was given but would have preferred earlier. Good quality plants that have started to create the instant hedge I was after. Helpful & amenable staff. Thanks for the intro to Gino; I would have been putting our purchases into the ground all weekend. They dealt with all of it in hours. F A N T A S T I C!
Simon 03.07.2021 20:04:10
This nearly 5M tall specimen looked fantastic on display at Paramount and looks even better now it’s in the ground in my garden. Was just a little disappointed that it hadn’t had the hair cut we were told it would receive before being transported to us. I had prepared the hole and Gino’s team got it in with hardly breaking a sweat. I knew it was going to look good but didn’t think it would look this good. Thank you
Samantha 02.07.2021 11:07:37
Really happy with the size and condition of our Olive Trees. Has smartened up the front of our building no end. Highly recommended.
Kate 02.07.2021 08:15:40
The tree was tall and healthy but I was disappointed by the lack of branches further down. I’m hoping it will bush out in the future so we can enjoy the spring blossom and autumn fruit at the bottom and middle of the tree too, not just the top
Jean 22.06.2021 09:29:10
These stakes are excellent size well made with stapes that give plenty of scope for growth, they can be seen in the picture of the trees as below
Margaret 18.06.2021 15:34:32
Both Cupressus Sempervirens arrived when expected and as it said in the instructions they did need a good water. We were disappointed with one of the trees, it was not the same width as the first one with a thinner main trunk and the top quarter of the tree looked like it was this years growth. The second tree was obviously younger than the second although both were in good condition. We bought the same size trees so they would look good at each side of our bistro set. Unfortunately this will take years to balance them out as they are slow growing.
Jennifer 02.06.2021 12:38:24
thank you for confirming I ordered Acer shim Aureum - I was wondering if I had made a mistake - you supplied me with the variety Moonshine. It is a gorgeous plant completely undamaged in transit, a good size and with a well-developed but not pot-bound root ball - it would have got five stars if it hadn't been the wrong plant!
Janet 27.05.2021 09:15:55
Lovely quality plant, packed carefully and delivered exactly as advised. Looking forward to see it develop and flower.
Caroline 26.05.2021 16:42:05
This is a classic rose, which I have bought to replace one I had. Always healthy, and a reliable flowering plant, even though it does not last very long, it is worth the space.
Andrew 16.05.2021 19:47:21
I purchased two Cordyline Australis for my back garden. Love them, they have provided so much character to my garden. Thankyou Paramount Plants.
James 29.04.2021 10:12:52
Received this plant after it had flowered but it looks to be an excellent plant with a lot of healthy growth. Look forwards to seeing it flower next spring.
18.04.2021 06:55:06
Most of the trees are lovely... but two of 12 trees have a trunk height which is substantially taller than the others, so they end up a lot higher than the rest (they’re not bushing until about 30cm, above the fence line). Will a trim help? We’ll see!
14.04.2021 19:19:34
My Elaeagnus tree looks great along a bare section of a fence. It is a most attractive plant that arrived in excellent condition. It was recommended in an RHS magazine and I am pleased that I found a mature, healthy specimen at Paramount Plants.
Muhamed 09.04.2021 21:38:29
Judy 08.04.2021 10:37:39
My plant arrived in excellent condition as was seen on the website, delivery driver was very pleasant and was happy to put my plant in the area that I wanted, this is my forth purchase, Never disappointed by any of my purchases.
Catherine 07.04.2021 10:16:58
Fertiliser was fine but arrived in a damp box - transferred to another container and ok but could not have left it in the original box.
ANN 28.03.2021 10:35:24
Great healthy condition on delivery Lovely plant A wonderful addition to our new garden First class

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