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Unique Specimen Olive Trees

Mature olives that are many years old

Defra-Approved Olive Trees

This is our collection of unique specimen olive trees. In each case, the olive tree you see in the image is the actual plant you are buying. We introduced this specimen olive tree collection following the popularity of our unique topiary cloud trees and our unique Japanese Acer trees.

Each of these beautiful ancient olive trees is unique and quite rare. These trees are at least 20 years old and in some cases as much as 100 years old or more. It takes decades to create these beautiful specimen olive trees yet they are relatively easy to keep trimmed to shape. There is something immediately striking and timeless about using a mature ancient olive tree as a central focal point for a garden. These specimen show-stoppers can be as large as one metre in diameter and show as much beautiful, gnarled ancient trunk as possible. We also have many smaller sizes available. All our specimen olive trees are fully hardy and once established, they are drought tolerant.

All our specimen olive trees are DEFRA-approved. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about the trees. CLICK ON THE IMAGES BELOW for price and size of each tree. 

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Watch our Video Intro to these Ancient Olive Trees – in under 60 seconds


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Olea Europaea Pom Pom trained Olive tree - buy UK Olea Europaea Pom Pom Olive Tree 3129 - £2100
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Olea Europaea Pom Pom Olive Tree Buy UK Olea Europaea Pom Pom Olive Tree 3130 - £2100
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Olea Europaea Pom Pom Olive Tree buy UK Olea Europaea Pom Pom Olive Tree 3131 - £1950

The use of mature and striking individual Olive Trees (Olea Europea) is increasingly seen in many British show gardens not least at the Chelsea Flower Show. Whether you choose a truly ancient olive tree compete with gnarled trunk or a slimmer version with a globe shaped crown, the large olive trees work very well in a variety of garden styles, from urban contemporary to Mediterranean chic. These age-old evergreen trees are endlessly versatile and because of their maturity, they will instantly transform any garden, patio or terrace. 

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