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Here at Paramount Plants, we specialise in bamboo plants and mature bamboo trees. They range in maturity from quite young plants to fully grown clumping trees, enabling a diverse range of uses from canopy underplanting, oriental garden design to their most popular use when fully grown specimens, as evergreen screening and bamboo hedging. We also have a small selection of Living Bamboo Screens which offer instant privacy & come as a package ready to plant.

Evergreen bamboo plants offer a thick lush hedge that offers total privacy and they take up very little planting area widthwise. The lush green leaves offer an exotic edge to your garden design with tall upright evergreen lines of green, yellow or black canes. This type of planting is particularly useful when delicately screening off the close proximity of neighbours.
Highly cost effective and offering instant impact, it's no wonder bamboos are one of our best selling plant groups. Best sellers include Golden Bamboo and Black Bamboo plants and NEW IN this season Fargesia Murielae and Fargesia Murielae Rufa. Also worth a mention is the very unusual variegated variety Bamboo Pleioblastus Simonii Variegatus.

Bamboo Plant Care in UK Gardens - All our bamboos are UK hardy and very easily maintained. They do require plenty of watering when first planted.

Remember - our expert team is always on hand to advise you on which varieties and size of bamboos best suit your requirements.
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