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Sasa Palmata Nebulosa Bamboo

Sasa Palmata Nebulosa Bamboo is commonly known as Broad Leaved Bamboo, for Sale online UK delivery.
Sasa Palmata Nebulosa Bamboo
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Height Excluding Pot: 50-60cm (1ft 7-1ft 11)

Pot size: 10 Litres

Plant ID: 2527 C 64

Was £65.00
20% Off - Now £52.00

Sasa Palmata Nebulosa or Broad Leaved Bamboo, combines an exotic jungle look with cold-hardiness, making it an ideal bamboo for growing in British gardens, with one caution: it spreads, requiring either lots of space, or a strong bamboo barrier or container to keep it within bounds! 
Native to Japan, Sasa Palmata Nebulosa will add an exotic air to your garden in a few short years. The broad, light-green leaves grow to 10 cm wide and 35 cm long, forming a dense canopy. The foliage remains green throughout the winter, increasing its usefulness as a landscape plant. The slender culms, up to 1 cm in diameter, develop a purple pattern over time, adding to the visual interest. 
Hardy throughout most of the UK, down to minus 18 C, Broad Leaved Bamboo will quickly grow to a mature height of 2 - 2.5 metres. It will spread indefinitely unless you take precautions to control the underground runners. Plant in an aboveground container, or place a bamboo barrier below ground at the time of planting to prevent future problems!  
Sasa Palmata Nebulosa will grow equally well in sun or shade, in fertile, moist sand, clay, or loam soil. It will make a good ground cover where erosion is a concern, as the strong underground runners will stabilize a slope. It is well-suited to container growing with its relatively low height. Next to a water feature, Sasa Palmata Nebulosa will add an exotic air, and there will be little trouble with leaf drop, unlike with some other, finer-leaved bamboos. A specimen plant in a large container on a roof terrace or in a courtyard will create a lush, jungle atmosphere year-round. 
Sasa Palmata Nebulosa is one of the most exotic looking and dramatic of the hardy bamboos available in the UK.

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