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Fargesia Robusta Pingwu Bamboo

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Fargesia Pingwu bamboo with bushy striking foliage, part of our huge bamboo collection. Buy UK delivery.
Fargesia Robusta Pingwu is also known as Fargesia Pingwu Bamboo, huge selection of bamboos for sale with UK delivery.
Fargesia Robusta Pingwu
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Height Excluding Pot: 80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Pot size: 20 Litres

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The Fargesia Robusta Pingwu is a clumping bamboo with variegated, checkered culms that is non-invasive and ideal for creating a narrow screen because of its tight growth habits. When fully grown, it reaches a height of about 5 meters. Generally, it takes about five years for the bamboo to reach its full potential. 
The culms of the Fargesia Pingwu are exceptionally attractive. The new shoots emerge in the early spring months and are rusty red in colour. The young shoots are covered with fine noticeable hairs. As they mature, the culms start to turn a light, bright green and sheds the fine hairs. During the early summer months, the leaves start to peel away from the middle of the culms and the remaining leaf sheaths fade to white which creates a checkerboard appearance up and down the length of the culm. The variegated appearance of the culms persist from spring into late summer. 
In Autumn, the top of the culm starts to produce branches and additional leaves. The bottom half of the culms remain bare throughout the winter months. 
Unlike many other varieties of bamboo, the Fargesia Pingwu tolerates sun well and doesn’t show signs of leaf burn. However, the bamboo should be planted in an area that does provide some protection from the heat of the afternoon sun. It also grows well in partial shade. The Fargesia robusta Pingwu is a cold-hardy bamboo that can survive and retain its evergreen characteristics even when the winter temperatures drop to -17 degrees Celsius.  
When creating a screen or hedge, space the bamboo plants about 1 meter apart. The Fargesia robusta Pingwu grows quickly and forms an acceptable hedge in a reasonable amount of time. Its clumping nature also makes it a popular bamboo for planting in large pots on patios or balconies. 
It grows well in a wide array of soil types. Choose a planting location that is well-draining and high in organic matter for best growth results. The Fargesia robusta Pingwu likes evenly moist soil but when established it will tolerate short droughts. 
The Fargesia robusta Pingwu is an eye catching clumping bamboo. Its non-invasive habits makes it a wonderful bamboo choice, especially in smaller gardens.  In its native homeland, the Fargesia Robusta Pingwu is a popular landscape bamboo. It is also one of the favourite bamboo foods of China’s pandas. 

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