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Phyllostachys Humilis Bamboo

Phyllostachys Humilis, also known as Scottish Bamboo or Hime-hachiku Bamboos, plants are for sale online with UK delivery
Phyllostachys Humilis screening
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Height Excluding Pot:
2-2.5m (6ft 6-8ft 2)

Pot size: 18 Litres
Plant ID: 2507 64
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Phyllostachys Humilis Bamboo

This image displays plant 2-2.5 m tall.

Height Excluding Pot:
6ft 6-8ft 2

Pot size: 18 Litres

Was £245.00
35% Off - Now £159.25
Was £245.00
35% Off - Now £159.25

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Phyllostachys Humilis or Scottish Bamboo also Hime-hachiku 
The Phyllostachys Humilis, often called the Scottish bamboo, is the shortest bamboo plant in the Phyllostachys genus. Its evergreen robust foliage reaches almost to the ground which makes it an ideal bamboo choice for creating a privacy hedge. Although the Phyllostachys Humilis is from China, the robust bamboo is highly coveted in Japan where it is referred to as the Hime-hachiku. 
When fully grown, the Phyllostachys humilis grows to a height of 4 to 5 meters. Unlike other varieties of bamboo, the Phyllostachys humilis grows well in tight, confining areas and tolerates pruning. The bamboo shoots can also be pinched at the tip to create a bushier plant that is even denser in appearance for optimum privacy. 
The shoots of the Phyllostachys Humilis first emerge a reddish hue. As the culms of the plant grow, they start to take on a bright mint green colouration. Upon maturity, the green typically starts to show streaks of burnished rust shading. When fully grown, the culms typically measure up to 25 mm in diameter. Each lance-like leaf of the bamboo is shaded a deep green on top and the underside typically takes on a bluish colour. 
The Phyllostachys Humilis will tolerate temperatures down to -25 degrees Celsius. If the temperature plummets further, the bamboo may suffer damage. 
The hardy bamboo is virtually carefree once established. It grows best in well-draining moist soil. The bamboo plant can tolerate sandy, clay, or loamy dirt. Once established it will withstand periods of short drought. 
The Phyllostachys Humilis grows in either partial shade or full sun. In sunny locations, the bamboo’s growth is accelerated and it readily spreads via a diverse runner system. It can also be grown in pots on patios, roof terraces or along walkways. 
If you are seeking a bamboo variety that is virtually carefree, look no further than the Phyllostachys humilis. The evergreen bamboo variety grows quickly and creates an eye-catching screen of green. It is a valuable addition to any garden and is a wonderful urban privacy screen hedging option. 

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