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Yucca Gloriosa

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Yucca Gloriosa - succulents and spiky plant nursery London Yucca Gloriosa plants - large specimens for sale London UK
Yucca Gloriosa, an evergreen, hardy succulent Yucca
Yucca Gloriosa - evergreen, hardy succulent
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Height Excluding Pot:
40-60cm (1ft 3-1ft 11)

Pot size: 9 Litres
Plant ID: 7353 64
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Yucca Gloriosa

This image displays plant 40-60 cm tall.

Height Excluding Pot:
1ft 3-1ft 11

Pot size: 9 Litres

Was £65.00
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Was £65.00
35% Off - Now £42.25
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Yucca Gloriosa is a hardy, evergreen yucca grown for its architectural foliage and fragrant summer flowers on spikes. An evergreen, hardy succulent Yucca with long, pointed, deep green leaves, Yucca Gloriosa has very long panicles of bell-shaped white flowers during the summer-autumn period. The flowers are fragrant and produced on spikes. This makes Yucca Gloriosa a great sculptural plant.

The rigid, glaucous green, blade-shaped leaves offer multiple seasons of interest. In late summer, this spectacular shrub blossoms, producing a profusion of nodding, creamy flowers borne on a tall flowering stalk. The erect stalk enveloped by bell-shaped flowers makes this ornamental shrub even more decorative and eye-catching than it usually is.

When it comes to choosing a location for Yucca Gloriosa, it’s important to pick a spot in full sun. This striking evergreen shrub will thrive in any soil, as long as it’s well drained.

This Yucca performs well in coastal areas and is salt tolerant. It grows well in containers and is very versatile as an architectural plant. No surprise then that it has an Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society, a sure sign that it will perform well in most UK gardens.

With no pruning required and resistance to most pests and diseases, Yucca Gloriosa is quite easy to grow and to care for. Its stiff, sword-like leaves grow to be 1.5 to 2.5 metres high and across, forming an elegant, architectural shrub. A United States native, this cultivar can survive temperatures as low as -15 degrees, and it’s fully hardy in Britain and Ireland.

The sharp lines and elegant form of this shrub make it ideal for adding year-round drama and texture to your garden. Yucca Gloriosa works best when planted as a sculptural plant, but it can look great in shrub borders as well. When grown in a large container, this evergreen shrub is perfect for bringing a Mediterranean vibe to your patio or balcony. As it is drought tolerant when established, this Yucca variety is a great candidate for xeriscaping (landscaping with drought-tolerant plants thereby conserving water).

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