Did you know – we sell UK hardy yucca rostrata online with UK wide delivery?
Originating from the desert regions of the mid-American continent,  the Yucca Rostrata or beaked Yucca is a hardy tropical that can be planted outside and is able to withstand temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees. The Yucca Rostrata can grow as high as 15 feet (4.5 metres).

At Paramount Plants, we now have a range of Yucca Rostratas in stock. If you are curious, do drop by to take a look. Our Yucca Rostratas are also available to buy online.

Yucca Rostrata Online

Impressive Yucca Rostrata – hardy for UK gardens. Available to buy Online

We stock UK-hardy Yuccas in all sizes up to a massive 2.5 metres. We have several varieties including Yucca Rostrata Blue Swan, Yucca Thompsoniana and Yucca Gloriosa, all of which are UK hardy and suitable for growing outdoors.