Interested in viewing a wide selection of fully-hardy mature plants from around the world? Then look no further than Paramount Plants and Gardens’ Plant Centre in Crews Hill, North London. Our excellent plant knowledge, helpful customer service and our wide selection of mature architectural trees, palms, flowering perennials, shrubs and topiary have impressed even the most experienced horticulturist.

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Our plants are fully hardy and can sustain even the most severe weather conditions which the South-East of England has suffered over the last couple of years. The reason our plants are very tough is because at our Plant Centre, we specialise in mature established trees and shrubs, generally much larger and older than those typically offered in normal garden centres. This also means minimal maintenance will be required once planted. Our plants are specifically sourced from around the world and can be grown by even the novice gardener with ease.

Hundreds of varieties of plants from around the world are displayed at our large Plant Centre. Our customers very often comment that they should pay admission to visit the plant centre as it is “like a tour around a tropical oasis” but the entrance is of course free and the plants are all fully hardy and suited to London and South-East UK climates. The list of worldwide plants we supply is long and varied. Bestsellers include Feijoa from New Zealand, Acers from Japan, Trachycarpus Palms and Bamboo from China, Tree Ferns from Australia, the Yucca from Mexico, Italian mature Olives, Lebanese Cedars, Agapanthus Africanus from South Africa, Chamaerops Humilis Cerifera from Morocco and Monkey Puzzle Trees from Chile – to name but a few.

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Plants From Around the World at Paramount Plants, North London

The demand and interest for plants in the UK mainly started in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Some brave British plant explorers such as Robert Fortune and Joseph Dalton Hooker travelled extensively throughout the world to track down plants that we now think of as typical “English Garden” flowering shrubs such as many varieties of the Azalea Japonica, Camellia Japonica and Rhododendrons, which originated largely from China and Japan.

In fact there are very few plants considered native to the UK. Plants for sale at Paramount Plants’ North London Plant Centre, which are considered to be native to the British Isles (and are recommended for encouraging wildlife) include Purple Beech, Dogwood, Silver BirchCrab Apple, Guelder Rose, Holly, Honeysuckle, Hornbeam, WillowEuonymus and the English Yew.  Pyracantha although not considered native to the UK is very popular for encouraging birds.

Whatever your plant requirements – be it one small plant or tree, a screening hedge or a complete instant garden full of mature specimens, Paramount Plants and Gardens are here to assist. We also have a fully qualified team of landscapers/designers who can help with planting/designing one bed or a whole garden.

Please view our new website for further information or if possible please come to visit us – open 7 days a week 9am-4pm. If you want to book an appointment or wish to view plants outside these hours please contact us.

The owners and staff at Paramount Plants and Gardens look forward to welcoming you to the plant centre.