Here you’ll find information on ornamental grasses such as New Zealand Flax varieties and Design tips such as Using Decorative Grasses in the Garden.

Phormium Tenax – striking ornamental grasses for a sunny spot

Phormium Tenax – hardy enough for coastal planting Hardy, graceful and striking, the Phormium Tenax varieties of ornamental grasses tend to have upright erect foliage, adding to the plants attractive structural shape. Phormium Tenax is generally used to add structure and textural variety to the garden. Although they do [...]

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Phormiums – Using New Zealand Flax in the UK Garden

Using New Zealand Flax in the Garden Phormiums or the New Zealand Flax Phormium Tenax is a very useful architectural plant to add colour and structure to any garden. Let’s look at some ways to use it in the garden or patio. Phormiums – Using New Zealand Flax in [...]

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