Ornamental Trees – Magnolias and other summer flowering specimens

Spring Flowering Trees for UK Gardens: 10 Showiest Varieties

Cercis Redbud - flowering in Spring time Nothing says spring more than masses of lovely blossoms in your garden and the scent of flowers in the air. After months of dreadful weather and little colour in the landscape, spring is the time when certain flowering trees are at [...]

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Best Trees for Wet Areas and Planting Near Water

The lake at Kerdalo Gardens Choosing the ideal tree varieties for your garden can be a challenging task, especially if your conditions are less than perfect. A common issue gardeners face is wet areas or sites on their property or overall wet and boggy soil in the garden. Parts of [...]

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Amelanchier – a Perfect Specimen Tree for Small Gardens

The Amelanchier tree and its varieties are known for their stunning spring blooms and lovely autumn colour. These are small deciduous trees (which can also be grown as shrubs) have many common names including  shadbush, shadwood, shadblow, Snowy Mespilus, juneberry or serviceberry.   The March blossoms of the lovely Snowy Mespilus [...]

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Weeping Birch Trees – Which Variety to Choose?

When it comes to specimen trees, weeping birch trees are one of the most popular choices. With a stunning pendulous habit and showy bark, weeping birch tree varieties make a lovely focus of interest in the garden. Weeping Birch varieties vary in size and the colour of the foliage, which [...]

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