Weeping Birch Trees – Which Variety to Choose?

When it comes to specimen trees, weeping birch trees are one of the most popular choices. With a stunning pendulous habit and showy bark, weeping birch tree varieties make a lovely focus of interest in the garden. Weeping Birch varieties vary in size and the colour of the foliage, which means that there is an ideal match for every landscape.

Weeping birch tree varieties are popular for their impressive habit.
A mature Betula Pendula tree displays the lovely drooping branches tpyical of weeping birch trees.


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Quince Trees or Cydonia Oblonga

Quince or Cydonia Oblonga, to give it its full botanical name, is a heritage fruit tree that is slowly but surely finding its way back to Britain’s gardens, where its pretty blossoms, versatile fruit and good autumn colour offer multiple seasons of interest. As medium-sized cultivars, quince trees grow to be around 3 to 4.5 metres tall once fully mature. Even though it is quite lovely when enveloped in pink-tinged flowers during the spring, quince is at its best in the autumn. Contrasted by warm hues of yellow, orange and red of the foliage, golden-yellow, knobbly, apple-like fruits steal the spotlight.

Cydonia Robusta quince trees, quality fruit trees for sale UK
Quince Tree with fruits in Autumn – Cydonia Oblonga Robusta


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