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24 04, 2015

Garden Architecture – Dicksonia Antarctica Tree Ferns

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Stately and graceful, there is something so very majestic about tree ferns, one of the most ancient species of flora on the planet.   Dicksonia Antarctica tree ferns, which originated in Australia, is one of our bestselling specimens.  Luckily for us here in the UK, Dicksonia Antarctica (or Tasmanian Tree Fern) […]

7 06, 2012

The spectacular Tasmanian Tree Fern – Dicksonia Antarctica

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Dicksonia Antarctica, also known as the Tasmanian Tree Fern, is a beautiful, hardy slow growing tree fern, which grows well here in the UK. We have Dicksonia Antarctica now in stock in a range of sizes from as little as 30 cm up heights of over 3 metres!

7 03, 2011

Dicksonia Antarctica – Tasmanian Tree Ferns

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DICKSONIA ANTARCTICA – TASMANIAN TREE FERNS Probably the most popular and best-selling exotic looking plant of recent years has been the Tree Fern – Dicksonia Antarctica.  Also known as the “Manfern”, “Soft” or Tasmanian Tree Fern. A few decades ago it was only to be seen in Cornish gardens but with […]