Best Dwarf Conifers for Landscaping: Small Spaces, Big Ideas

Dwarf conifers are ideal for small gardens as these compact evergreens do not take up too much space. However, although they might not be imposing in size, they are indeed impressive when it comes to their appearance! Unlike their full-sized versions, most dwarf conifer cultivars can be successfully grown in containers, planted en masse in contrasted groupings or used as a focal point with year-round interest.


At our plant centre, we have a vast collection of attractive dwarf conifer varieties for sale in UK.
Here at Paramount Plants, we offer an impressive selection of dwarf conifer varieties.

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Umbrella Pine Tree For Sale UK

Umbrella Pine Trees are those fabulous, mushroom shaped trees, that can be seen in the town and countryside of most Southern European countries – but most especially and beautifully planted by the Italians along lakesides and boulevards to give essential shade at the hottest time of the day. Anyone who has travelled to the Italian lakes in Northern Italy will have at some point sat on a bench beneath an Umbrella Pine tree and watched the world go by. Read more Umbrella Pine Tree For Sale UK

Our New Collection of Conifers

We’ve always been fans of Conifers at Paramount Plants – as part of our evergreen screening options and as instant hedging – they are right up there in our best sellers list. Over the past year we’ve travelled far and wide to source an amazing selection of new varieties to vastly increase our Conifer Collection for this season – view the entire selection here on the NEW! dedicated Conifer section of our website.

Dwarf Pine trees for sale online - UK delivery
Pinus Nigra Nana – Dwarf Pine

Conifers cover an incredibly wide range of trees including Cedars, Pines, and Yew, all conifers produce seed bearing cones – they actually occupy a huge amount of the Earth’s surface. They are very often the last trees you see when scaling mountains, many of these hardy specimens have evolved a shape especially designed to encourage heavy snow to fall off the branches without damaging them with its weight and as you would expect Conifers can survive the harshest of winters. Read more Our New Collection of Conifers