When we think of Conifers in their natural habitat it is a woodland scenario, where there is competition for light and more importantly for moisture. Most conifers will tolerate a bit of shade as long as they are growing in moist soil, however, there are a few varieties that will grow happily in more shady areas and many of these can be shaped into topiary forms so the possibilities of shape and form are endless.

Taxus Baccata is a very shade tolerant plant that will thrive in moist, well drained soil in just about any aspect. Known as the king of hedges, this is an incredibly versatile plant that can be used singly to punctuate a border, as a fabulously dense Yew hedge that is adored by wildlife and we have a lovely range of shaped topiary Yew in globes and spirals.
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Taxus Baccata or Yew Topiary trees for sale online UK

Taxus Baccata Topiary Pom Poms | Yew Balls

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Yew Cloud Trees | Taxus Baccata Spirals nursery, buy online UK

Yew Cloud Trees | Taxus Baccata Spirals

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Tsuga Canadensis Jeddeloh
Also known as Eastern Hemlock Jeddeloh and Dwarf Hemlock is a beautifully shaped dome Conifer with arching branches and drooping leaves with oval cones – gorgeous light green for new leaves which mature to a deep rich green colour. Loves full shade and partial shade but needs a sheltered position with fertile well draining yet moist soil. A beautiful specimen that looks great in the border or in a rock garden setting.

Tsuga Canadensis Jeddeloh buy online UK

Tsuga Canadensis Jeddeloh also known as Eastern Hemlock Jeddeloh and Dwarf Hemlock

Chamaecyparis Obtusa Nana – Hinoki Cypress
This unusual slow growing conifer tolerates partial or dappled shade and is such a beautiful shape – relatively small it will work well in the rockery, giving shape and structure.

Hinoki Cypress Trees will grow well in partial shade, buy online UK

Hinoki Cypress Trees will grow well in partial shade

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Thuja Occidentalis Danica

A new addition to our collection this delightful Conifer has a lovely naturally rotund shape and will keep very neat, can be used in the border, rockery or kept in containers, a very versatile and attractive little tree.

Thuya Occidentalis Danica conifer that likes partial shade buy online UK

Thuya Occidentalis Danica conifer that likes partial shade

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Thuya Occidentalis ‘Tiny Tim’

A lovely vibrant dwarf green conifer with an undulating habit, naturally forming a lovely globe shape, relatively slow growing but very easy to grow and maintain in partial shade, perfect for a rock garden, roof terrace or in the border.

Thuya Occidentalis Tiny Tim, grows in the shade, buy online UK

Thuya Occidentalis Tiny Tim

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Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ivonne Conifer

This is a stunning variety that lends itself beautifully to being shaped – lovely bright lime green to deep green leaves really spring out from the border, these trees work really well in containers too (as long as you keep them moist) We have two shapes in stock right now a very unusual Pom Pom tree and lovely full sized spirals.

Chamaecyparis Lawsonian Ivonne Topiary Pom Pom Tree | Spirals, buy online UK

Chamaecyparis Lawsonian Ivonne Topiary Pom Pom Tree | Spirals

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Buy Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ivonne Spirals

View our entire collection of Conifers online and do get in touch with our expert team if you’re not sure which tree would suit your garden, we’re on hand to advise you.

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