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Transform Your Garden With Low Maintenance Dwarf Conifers

If you’re looking for that elusive low maintenance yet still attractive plant let us introduce you to dwarf conifers.  No groaning ‘Oh not those petrol station plants’ at the back, please. Dwarf conifers are so much more than problem ground fillers. There are beautiful varieties available and they are tough, [...]

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Best Fruit Trees For Small Gardens

Most gardens can accommodate a fruit tree even if they’re very compact because fruit can be grown in some pretty stylish space-saving ways. The massive light-blocking, grass-killing tree is no longer needed to produce a tasty crop of fruits. The best fruit trees for small gardens are often referred to [...]

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Stretching Exercises for Gardeners – 8 Easy Steps in under 10 Minutes to Warm Up before Gardening

The Activity of Gardening Stretching Exercises for Gardeners - 8 Easy Steps in 10 Minutes to Warm Up  A garden is a truly wonderful thing. We’re right to feel proud of our own garden, as after all, we spend so much time in it (particularly during these hotter [...]

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