In our gardening tips section, we offer information on topics such as Best Trees for Planting in Wet Ground or Which plants work best in a dry garden and how to care for Autumn Fruit.

Best Fruit Trees For Small Gardens

Most gardens can accommodate a fruit tree even if they’re very compact because fruit can be grown in some pretty stylish space-saving ways. The massive light-blocking, grass-killing tree is no longer needed to produce a tasty crop of fruits. The best fruit trees for small gardens are half standards, cordons, [...]

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Stretching Exercises for Gardeners – 8 Easy Steps in under 10 Minutes to Warm Up before Gardening

The Activity of Gardening Stretching Exercises for Gardeners - 8 Easy Steps in 10 Minutes to Warm Up  A garden is a truly wonderful thing. We’re right to feel proud of our own garden, as after all, we spend so much time in it (particularly during these hotter [...]

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Best Trees for Wet Areas and Planting Near Water

The lake at Kerdalo Gardens Choosing the ideal tree varieties for your garden can be a challenging task, especially if your conditions are less than perfect. A common issue gardeners face is wet areas or sites on their property or overall wet and boggy soil in the garden. Parts of [...]

Best Plants for a Dry Garden

  What should you do if you want your dry garden to look stunning throughout the year? If you believe that the only solution is to water it daily and abundantly, or focus all of your energy on trying to (unsuccessfully) improve the conditions, you will be happy to hear [...]

Winter Garden Tips – Preparations and Planting Ideas for Year-Round Interest

The year seems to pass by in an instant. Before you even get a chance to stop and smell the flowers in your little plant kingdom, it is time to say goodbye to summer opulence and start with winter garden preparations. With careful planning, your garden can look stunning [...]

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