1 03, 2016

Statement Olive Trees – Mature Olive Trees with Thick Trunks

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  The latest crop of Mature European Olive Trees have just arrived in our North London garden centre and they are fast becoming the star attractions. With their unusual garden bonsai type shape, they are absolutely gorgeous and will instantly transform any garden, patio or terrace. These ancient olive trees […]

21 10, 2014

Chamaerops Humilis – a perfect hardy palm for UK gardens

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Evergreen Chamaerops Humilis is a hardy, flexible palm tree that won’t grow as tall as most palms. Being UK hardy and because of its neat size, the Chamaerops Humilis palm is very useful in garden design with its strikingly distinctive form, beautiful large fan-shaped leaves and an attractive dense growing […]

28 05, 2014

The 10 Best Mediterranean Plants for UK Gardens

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In this post, we are going talk you through 10 Hardy Mediterranean Plants that are suitable for growing in UK gardens. Many of you are no doubt jetting off to warmer parts of Europe this summer; basking in the sizzling sun, sampling delicious continental cuisine and sipping local wine whilst […]

17 10, 2011

Cupressus Sempervirens – The Italian Cypress Trees

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Anyone at all familiar with the Italian countryside cannot help but be reminded of Italy when seeing this tree.  Known as the Italian Cypress trees, Tuscan Cypress or Pencil Conifer its tall elegant spires of dark green are an integral part of the Italy as much as the terracotta roofed houses […]

28 04, 2011

Olive Trees for a touch of Tuscany…

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Updated for 2016 Don’t Miss Our Olive Tree Offer – Buy 1 Get 1 Free! Three Sizes available while stocks last! The ever popular Olive Tree brings a touch of the Tuscan countryside to your garden. The feeling of being in the Mediterranean can be easily achieved. One terracotta planter and […]