Mediterranean themed gardens are increasingly prominent these days in our UK gardens, particularly in the southern United Kingdom. Here we bring together various articles on Mediterranean Plants for Growing in the UK, with an emphasis on hardiness. Read about sourcing and growing very mature and gnarled olive trees  for example.

We also present the Italian or Tuscan Cypress Tree, which when planted in the right conditions, makes a particularly striking feature. Use it to line avenues or a driveway approach to the front of a property.

Of course no Mediterranean style garden would be complete without Hardy palms such as the Chamaerops Humilis palm which is very useful in garden design with its strikingly distinctive evergreen form and compact size.

And we present our tips for the 10 Best Mediterranean Plants for UK Gardens!

Cupressus Sempervirens – The Italian Cypress Trees

Anyone at all familiar with the Italian countryside cannot help but be reminded of Italy when seeing this tree.  Known as the Italian Cypress trees, Tuscan Cypress or Pencil Conifer its tall elegant spires of dark green are an integral part of the Italy as much as the terracotta roofed houses [...]

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