Seasonal Gardening – Plan your garden for the seasons! With a little forward planning your garden can be in bloom and sweet-scented all year round. Read about the best plants for autumn colour – the Winged Spindle for example. Learn which plants flower in winter – such as Mahonia Winter Sun.
Find out which plants have spectacular berries, such as Pyracantha. Read on…

17 06, 2019

Planting Fragrant Trees and Shrubs for a Year-Round Scented Garden

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In addition to being striking additions to the landscape, fragrant trees and shrubs add a lovely scent to your garden. Drinking ice tea on the garden patio while Jasmin is in full bloom makes summer nights truly magical, and a whiff of perfumed Clematis in the full swing of autumn […]

18 12, 2015

Buy Plants & Trees online for Christmas Delivery until Dec 18th

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  There is still time to order plants and trees in time for Christmas! To order online and get delivery before Christmas, last orders must be placed before 10.00 AM on Monday 19th December 2016. Note: this applies to trees and plants below 3 metres tall. If you miss the Monday […]

23 10, 2015

Berberis Thunbergii Japanese barberry – a good choice for autumn colour

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Berberis Thunbergii Japanese Barberry are low maintenance shrubs with high decorative value & stunning autumn colour. Because of their prickly barbs, they make ideal defensive hedging, keeping out unwanted visitors.  Berberis Thunbergii is a good choice for outstanding autumn colour, keeping its foliage longer than other varieties of Berberis  & […]

5 12, 2014

Have a greener Christmas with Living Christmas Trees

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Living Christmas Trees 2017 – choice of varieties and lots of different sizes!   Christmas trees are an essential part of seasonal celebrations. We have made a policy decision this year for environmental reasons, to only supply Living Christmas Trees! We think a tree should be for life not just […]

28 11, 2014

Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees for Sale Online & In-store

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Living Christmas Trees 2017 – Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees and other varieties with lots of different sizes! Our Nordmann Beauties are back! Our premium living Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees (Latin name Abies Nordmanniana) are hand selected for their lovely bushy shape. That’s why they make a picture perfect Christmas tree! We […]

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