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Working with our employees, partners and customers during the current COVID-19 Crisis

Online Shopping Permissible
Online shopping is permissible and encouraged during the current Crisis and here at it is our intention to keep everyone safe and continue to provide the best online shopping experience, top quality plants and delivery service.

Self Isolating
With stricter self isolating it is essential to keep calm and keep busy.  Planting trees and shrubs in the garden will be a creative and therapeutic alternative to homeschooling children or working from home.  If you have kids at home of any age they will love to be involved in a garden design project and it’s a way for the family to stay focused and create a beautiful space together.

Paramount Plants have put in place arrangements for key staff who are already working successfully from home and self isolating.  Obviously, we work with live plant material, so we will still need a proportion of staff on site to water and maintain plants and organise, load  and make deliveries. Therefore, there will always be staff happy to assist with sales, customer service, stock and delivery enquiries between 9am-5pm,  7 days a week.

Businesses are allowed to take online orders and deliver items to people’s homes. At Paramount Plants we are not anticipating any delays with our delivery network. Freight deliveries throughout the EU and the UK are continuing regardless of any lockdown.

At Paramount Plants we allow approx 2 weeks from ordering to delivery. Delivery times are in demand so booking your order as quickly as possible will ensure you get the earliest delivery dates.   If it is at all possible to get a delivery to you sooner we will do so – please discuss with our [email protected] when placing your order.

Contactless Delivery
For the safety of our drivers and customers we offer contact less delivery – PHE has said there is no evidence to believe that the Virus can be transmitted on packages.  Our drivers are provided with and will wear gloves during the delivery.

We continue to re-enforce Public Health England (PHE) guidelines issued by the UK government and regularly update precautions to drivers and employees to prevent spreading of the virus.  Any staff exhibiting symptoms associated with Coronavirus will stay at home and self-isolate.

It would be advisable for any of our customers to have minimal contact with the driver at the time of delivery of their plants in accordance with the social distancing requirements.  Please keep us updated where we can leave plants safely at the front of your property to enable contactless delivery.

Delayed Delivery
If you would prefer to delay your delivery until a later date to be agreed then just let us know. The wellbeing of our customers, employees and drivers is our priority.  If you are exhibiting any signs of the Virus please let us know so we can delay the delivery.

If you have concerns about any delivery or other issue concerning your order, please email us and mark for the attention of Customer Services to: [email protected]

It won’t be long until we are all living normal lives again – until then stay safe, stay calm and keep gardening.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update our customers and stay open as usual online, whilst following Government guidelines, to ensure business continuity and employee safety.

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