One of the best additions to the Autumn and Winter gardens is to introduce plants and shrubs that produce berries. These not only create wonderful colour in the garden, if chosen well they will also provide wildlife with a much needed helping hand at this time of the year. Birds will adore our selection and as the old adage says ‘ Plant it and they will come!’

Our selection here are hardy, mostly evergreen shrubs, that are easy to grow and to maintain in the UK climate. 

Viburnum Davidii
A vibrant Viburnum with interesting slightly undulating large glossy green leaves. This is a low growing shrub and is therefore excellent for ground cover. It does well in moist well-drained soil so make sure the soil doesn’t get too dry – give it plenty of mulch to keep the moisture in. Viburnum Davidii produces small white flowers but it’s for the gorgeous bright blue berries that this shrub is prized. To consistently get a good crop of berries each year it’s best to provide a good opportunity for cross-pollination, so for best effect plant in 2 or 3 of these Viburnums in the same area.

Viburnum Davidii Blue Berries in Autumn, buy online UK

Viburnum Davidii Blue Berries in Autumn

Viburnum Opulus Compactum or Guelder Rose 
A very easily grown and stunning, decidous shrub that will tolerate exposed areas and even full shade.  This is a most useful plant which is commonly known as the Guelder Rose. Once mature, it is a medium sized shrub that produces small pretty cluster of white flowers in the summer and then the show begins late summer/ early autumn when the berries become the main focus. The berries start off looking a similar colour to white grapes and then gradually the colour deepens until the berries become a deep crimson red.  These are adored by the birds in particular finches and thrushes.

Viburnum Opulus Compactum - Guelder Rose buy online UK

Viburnum Opulus Compactum also known as the Guelder Rose

This well known shrub is fantastic to use for hedging and especially boundary hedging – where the thorns will keep unwanted intruders out but there is much more to this shrub than being a ‘security plant’.  Now available in three fabulous colours of berries it will make a wonderful Autumn display and is loved by the birds. These berries provide much needed sustenance as the nights draw in and the days get colder.
The following varieties are available to buy from our online shop:

Pyracantha Firethorn – Red Berries
Pyracantha Golden Glow – yellow berries
Pyracantha Orange Charmer – Orange Berries
Pyracantha Red Column – Red Berries
Pyracantha Saphyr Yellow Firethorn – Lemon Coloured Berries
Pyracantha Saphyr Orange – Orange Coloured Berries

Pyracantha Firethorn Red | Pyracantha Orange Charmer buy online UK

Pyracantha Firethorn Red | Pyracantha Orange Charmer

Pyracantha Saphyr Yellow Berries buy online UK

Pyracantha Saphyr Yellow Berries

Ilex Meservaea Blue Princess & Ilex Aquifolium Alaska Holly Shrubs with Berries

Of course the most famous berry shrub of all has to be the Holly tree and they do look absolutely beautiful with their deep green glossy leaves and laden with masses of bright red berries. Holly berries are a staple for so many of our favourite garden birds.  The inclusion of one of these trees is a must for any garden. Now available to buy as topiary trees they can look so elegant either side of an entrance – like sentinels. Ilex Aquifolium Alaska has a beautiful variegated leaf colour.

Ilex Aquifolium Alaska | Ilex Meserveae Blue Princess Topiary

Ilex Aquifolium Alaska | Ilex Meserveae Blue Princess Topiary

View our entire collection of shrubs to buy online and do get in touch with our expert team if you’re not sure which tree or shrub would best suit your garden. Reach out to our expert team on [email protected] for advice.